I do realize I've fallen short on the photo-a-day challenge.
I need a shot of a phone (and I have one, but it's my office phone, blergh) and Something New, and "time."
As if that isn't daunting.
Anyhoo, tis a very busy week at work culminating with all day meetings (which involve catering which involves me) and getting the boss out the door to Europe. But, in the middle of all that, today, I'll be ushering in one of my all-time idols.
I'm staying home tomorrow. Email HR for me, will you? I haven't told them.

More later.



Paola said…
I didn't know her so I discovered another beautiful person.
Susie Sunshine said…
I love Junk!
Jan said…
Longtime fan...lucky you!
Anonymous said…
How cool to meet an idol. Although I will say that sometimes it can be disappointing. I hope this will not be the case for you.

Anonymous said…
What a thrill to meet an idol!
alice c said…
ewwwww...I'm impressed
She is my icon- after you of course! Tell her I keep her messy house book on my night table.

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