makes me happy

That's number 11.
I'm skipping number 12 as I have lots of "makes me happy" to show you as I've been a houseguest in the most bucolic setting one can imagine.


I've spent the weekend amidst stone walls and white farm houses.


And our hostess fed us well -


and serenaded us with moving music,


and gifted us with bunny slippers! (She refers to us as her bunnies.)


 It made me happy.


 Three flavors of sorbet!


Anonymous said…
I can't imagine you'd ever want to go home.
Paola said…
I know it's got nothing to do with your beautiful post but I cannot believe there's no snow to be seen ... we couldn't go to school yesterday because of ice on the road.
Yes, you read it right.

WF cutable ... as bunnies
Anonymous said…
I <3 your vocabulary and I'm glad you got to go on such a nice getaway.

Karen and Murph said…
Can I say I covet the slippers a wee bit?
Anonymous said…
I covet the slippers a LOT. Also, the sorbet x 3.