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With NYFW behind us, it's time to break down the runway trends that'll set the stage for the rest of the Fashion Weeks across the pond. We came up with a few we loved, and a few that raised some interesting questions: Where'd the color go? What's with all the random fur trim? Are bootcut jeans coming back? So, without further ado, the top 10 fall '12 trends that are R29-approved!

Let me translate for you: fashion week in NYC is over and Refinery 29 has put together a list of ten trends for next fall.
Let's have a look (all photos from Refinery 29, which is a delightfully fun site).
I'll give you the photos, you can try and guess the trend and then scroll down for my insightful commentary!


Military. I could do this. I don't have any of it, but I don't mind symmetrical pockets. It comes in black, right?


Sheerness. Okay, well, this would have to be in black. I have a blouse with sheer-ish sleeves and a skirt that is very sheer and has shorts built into it. I do realize this is tough to imagine. Sheerness is fine. Wear some nice underwear under it, will you?


Blanket stripes. Yeah. I don't think so. If you want to, go ahead, but it's a little bold for me.


 Panel pants. What the what? My thighs need no panels.



Metallic leather. Uh. Okay? I don't have any real objections to wearing metallic leather at my new job ON MARS.



 Voluminous sleeves. Fine. I'm fine with the big sleeves. Bring on the leg-o-mutton.



Graphic sweaters. This one is easy. No. I don't wear things with pictures. I very much like the rest of it though.


 Thigh high slits. So, sew up the slit and I'll take the whole outfit.



Asian inspired. Again, fine, just watch the accessories - we don't want to look like we're starring in Madame Butterfly.



All white. And she looks so GOOD in it, doesn't she? Contrary to popular belief, I do have some white things. This summer will be a test to see how I look in white with silver hair.
Meanwhile, these are tips for what's hot in Fall 12. All white? NOPE. So, there it is. I'll be shopping for pewter leather, military inspired tops to wear over my sheer skirt.


Paola said…
I can tell you there's nothing here I could ever be wearing.
I'd love to be able to pull off that sheer number up there.
alice c said…
There is a Sound of Music theme running through this - military jackets, nuns in grey, white bridal stuff and trousers made of curtains.
Karen and Murph said…
Perhaps not the blanket stripes of #3, but the hat? Absolutely.

p.s. Hah, my word is navy!
Laura Jane said…
Picture 10- What were they thinking? She and the outfit look vile.

Many of the rest I like, of course they would all look divine on my left leg - which is about all they would fit. Hmph.