dried apples

Yeah. I don't know. Don't worry, I'm not about to get all nautical on you - though I am a sucker for those French sailor shirts. And I like those rope bracelets too.
Anyhow, I just took a look at my reader and read about the giveaway at Jen's blog and then I clicked on my stats seeing as how Jen mentioned me in her post and...AHOY! Hello, Jen readers!
I'll now bask in my afternoon of fame.
Tis true. I am the Blackbird who, uh, cursed a lot in the car and drank and smoked a lot in My Fair Lazy AND, it turns out that I just saw a galley of Jen's new book and I'm in there too.
Something about a bikini wax.
That's not TMI, is it? You'll just have to pre-order the newest book to find out.
(I've got to tell you, I skimmed the first few chapters and it's pretty damn good.)
(Like you didn't know that.)

What else is going on?
Well, my popularity at the office has increased dramatically. We got one of those nifty little Nespresso machines right over there on top of my file cabinet and people LOVE stopping by.
 (I'm all about the links today - no pictures.)

I am completely over my Bon Hiver addiction but I couldn't resist this:

And, with that, I wish you a happy Friday.

Maybe I'll explain about the apples tomorrow.


Paola said…
Right ... the apples ... it all began with them.