#21, a favorite photo of me

oh look, a storm

I like this picture for a few reasons.
It was taken in one of my favorite places (which I am presently pining for), Youngest was small(er) and a tremendous and wonderful storm was about to hit us.
I wrote about it here.


Duyvken said…
I like it because the colours are beautiful, the composition is lovely and your suit is adorable. Youngest looks... well... young.
Paola said…
I vividly remember that picture.
Can't bet on it but I think it's part of the set of pictures where there's the one that brought me to you the very first time.
That is the first time I commented on a blog and felt SO weird, as if some strange interweb control could possibly come and get me soon.


I am so naive.
The Coffee Lady said…
I'm with Duyvken. I want that suit.
Anonymous said…
2006--wow. Youngest was just a boy then. What the heck. I can see why this a favorite picture of you, looking so lean and strong and tan.


The new word verifications are hard!
Hilary said…
so beautiful... It looks almost as if it was painted, not real. the colors are amazing.... That is what i love most about the beach...every day the ocean and sky has a totally different look and color.
Susie Sunshine said…
Bird is still lean and strong and tan!
However, she now wears bikinis and has snowy hair which is even more fabulous.
readersguide said…
Gorgeous pictures.