The scene: the living room
The players: Oldest, Middle, Youngest
The soundtrack: Disco Inferno

The boys dragged the Super Nintendo Entertainment System out of the basement and hooked it up to the big television.

I'm doing the photo-a-day February challenge.


Duyvken said…
I like your artfully draped hessian sack but I can imagine Sweetie crawling over there, trying to pull himself up on it and bringing an avalanche of vintage items down on himself. Twouldn't be good.
Paola said…
I love the birds' bunting!
Is it cold? Oldest and Youngest wearing hats in the house ... it's VERy cold here, this morning it was snowing all over our mountains, what a scenery!
KPB said…
You have a tableau. tableux? One of those tasteful tables with thoughtful trinkets & items which have memories attached to them on it. Wow. You are so.grown.up.