weekend update

Middle and K are on their way home from a trip to Minnesota. It was cold.
We've got a few inches of snow, I am happy to report. I was hoping for snow.
I ran out this morning and got some fresh bread and a couple of wedges of cheese for our late dinner.
I also bought some cranberry, hazelnut raisin bread...


and since my sweetheart wasn't here to bring me coffee in bed, I had some for breakfast.

In other news: I had fun doing a post for the office blog on boots.


Those belong to my friend C. She was one of seven women in boots I caught that day. In truth, there were probably 40 women in boots that day but I had work to do!

Fashion dilemma of the week? Leggings. I've got four pairs of leggings that I wear as footless tights in cold weather and three of them have holes. Why are leggings so hard to find? Too tight, too short, too long, too thin - I've tried them all. Then, I got an email from StyleMint with a sweet deal: order a tee shirt (I'd been meaning to, they look great) and get a pair of leggings for free. They've just arrived and not only is the tee shirt terrific but the leggings are exactly what I was looking for. Whew.

My wristworms have all arrived too.


Did I mention that I was given three pairs of the very same ones? All grey. Two went back for exchange and now I have all my favorite colors: black, grey and brown. I could not be happier.
(Relative to arm products.)

Cautionary tale of the week: I ordered a pair of heels and a turtleneck from the new Zara online store, spending a total of $30 (free shipping). Turtleneck (I hope to dispose of two old turtlenecks) report: completely transparent. Shoe report: you get what you pay for. Free shipping for returns too.
Things look so good on the Zara site. Sigh.

Eye candy -


click on it for the Etsy link.

Talk to you later.


kmkat said…
You have lovely long fingers -- perfect for the Wrist Worms.

K and Middle would have been welcome to take this cold weather back with them; I am sick of it.

The Etsy link has a typo, but even when I fixed it, it didn't work -- I love that photo.
kmkat said…
Never mind, I found it.

Did you see this one?
blackbird said…
blackbird said…
oooh, squares!
Thank you, km.
Paola said…
ZARA is very cheap ...
You didn't mention Middle was going along with K to MN. A boys work trip, nice.
Speaking of leggings and boots, I am quite fed up as every woman between 2 and 99 are wearing them here.
Some of them should be killed with a tray (TM Kim) stat.
Let the coffee in bed resume now (cozying up next to your boyfriend of course).