this is the last day of my vacation

We took down the lights and the tree and, uh, the lights. I had lights in the loo and the kitchen and the dining room. Anyway, they're all down and the stockings are packed away and K even washed the dining room window. So, now, the curtains are open and we look out on the leaf covered garden and wait for snow.
We put the flannel sheets on the bed and it's supposed to be 11 degrees tonight. I love the cold weather, though I do need to figure out what I'll wear tomorrow. I am out of the habit of choosing outfits as I've been home since December 23rd.
But, it's back to work tomorrow!
Meanwhile, here in the nest?

I'm admiring these


from Division of Labor, reminiscing about our old Chemex


and watching Mr. Bourdain triumph over the seafood tower. He'll be in Amsterdam in 40 minutes. I'm looking forward.


 Middle has just sent me a link to this -

it's $1099 at Amazon.
Feast your eyes.

I'll talk to you later.


Lover Lady said…
Admiring those things you are admiring. Where?
The Coffee Lady said…
I need more lights.
Unknown said…
Have you seen the Frank LLoyd Wright house in Lego? AMAZING. Cost more than my first car! (which was very cheap admittedly, but still...)

Love those signs.
blackbird said…
Bunny, see link above!
Paola said…
So you had a long Christmas break, eh? Good.
Sad is when the tree goes down along with lights and festive spirit. We've still got until Sunday so that's my deadline ovah heah.
Anonymous said…
Oh I have such a crush on that Mr. Bourdain. He's so...unpredictable. Naughty/nice. You know.

You could take the boys to Legoland for that price. Well, maybe one of them. Pretty cool, though.

alice c said…
Pondering that tweeting poster. It would be cool as a Tshirt. I could pull off the ironic chic look.
Wendy said…
Glenn and I just packed away all his lego Star Wars sets in the crawlspace. Cannot even imagine the time that set would take to build.