ten things you should know

1. Wine on weekends (only) is my mantra for the moment.

2. I brought my new iPad to a meeting today for the first time and forgot that it plays a long and complicated tune when it receives email.

3. Those new boots are undeniably warm. It isn't cold enough to wear them.

4. I ordered a pair of leggings with a control-top panel thinking who could it hurt. Me. It could hurt me. back they go.

5. I saw a sweater I liked today, on super-sale. I did not buy it. This is notable.

6. It's nearly time for a second fancy haircut. It needs to be either wispier or more blunt. I'll keep you posted.

7. I had dinner with Ms. Lancaster last night. It was delightful.

8. I've found myself in Time's Square late at night three times in the past month. This is remarkable.

9. Downton Abbey. I am hooked.

10. Vin Diesel tonight, though.


Crazy Mom! said…
Go for wispier hair. Just sayin'.

Downton Abbey is DA BOMB. And the costumes are to die for.
Lover Lady said…
Just say no to control top. Like you need it.

Go blunter. Because I believe in the blunt.

Tres jealous about Ms. Lancaster. What I would give.

Downton Abbey = Dynasty + Jane Austen rolled into a crack snack.
So much and it's only Wednesday.
I can imagine having dinner with Ms Lancaster and laughing too much to eat.
Hilary said…
I am bad, I do wine on weeknights too. I got a fancy do this weekend and chopped up my long one length locks. Looked amazed until I washed it. Now I look like I am wearing a bad wig :( dinner with Ms. Lancaster must have been amazing, how many asthma attacks must you have laughed yourselves into...
Anonymous said…
"I have given my life to Downton!" (misquoting Lord G, perhaps, but feel as he does)

#9 YES. #10--dear god why??

Paola said…
I can hardly wait for Downton Abbey's 2nd season!
Do keep us posted.
With pictures ...
Anonymous said…
Ms. Lancaster, Downton Abbey, Vin Diesel. Your taste, madame, is sublime.
The Coffee Lady said…
I bought the first series of Downton Abbey the other day to watch in hospital. Am three episodes in; am wavering.
Ginnie said…
LOVE Downton Abbey. And there will be a third season - hurray!