Star Wars Uncut, Director's Cut

It is two hours, three minutes, and fifty three seconds long. It is 473 fifteen second clips.
We are proud to have had our four clips chosen for the final cut.

The sheer variety of storytelling modes showcased in Pugh's cut-rate epic is a show in itself. Star Wars Uncut includes countless examples of live-action "drama" (scare quotes mine), some of it staged on elaborately decorated sets, the rest performed in kitchens, rec rooms, living rooms, basements, and backyards. Some of the actors are surprisingly good; others are merely spirited. The movie also boasts cel animation, flash animation, Claymation, 3-D animation, old- and new-school video-game graphics, stop-motion-animated action figures and Lego characters and paper dolls, masked performers, and sock puppets.

It's definitely worth watching - especially if you want to see us.
These films have bound us, in a way I cannot describe, in a way that I cannot explain.


Anonymous said…
We get to SEE you?? Sign me up!

Which cuts are yours?????????