screen shots and Jenna's "picks"

JCrew sends me emails, Anthro sends me emails, I might unsubscribe from the Gap emails. I don't think I've bought anything from the Gap in years, have I? (But you might do well to, it's always 30% off, it seems.)
Today, I've been treated to Jenna's picks at JCrew.
And, while I'm not feeling the brightly colored denim (don't be so shocked) I have a mild interest in the bracelets (my wrist is too small for a men's bracelet) and a strong interest in that handbag.

Very nice.
What else does Jenna recommend?
These pants

which appear to have been worn during a car accident...

some shiny loafers (please wear the gold ones with the bloody pants) and flow-y skirts, which I support.

That blue hurts me.

Anthropologie, on the other hand, have shot their new catalog almost entirely in bed.

Seriously. Such temptation. (For captions, I mean. None of the clothes tempt me.)

These interest me, though. I might have to see them IRL.

I think one would have to be somewhat tall for this

don't you?


just turned up in a chat with Middle and cracked me up at work.

Oh! That reminds me: Middle and I were walking to our offices today when $200 in twenties blew past us. We scrambled and collected bills in the wind as other people were running in the street to catch more of them. It was a sight, and we all felt pretty good handing them back to the stunned fellow who had just come out of the bank with them.
That's not something you see every day, someone said.
You've got an army of good Samaritans! another man shouted.
You're okay, then? said I.
He was in a daze but, as I happily pointed out to Middle, he was sober. Unexpected all around.


Defunct Lisa said…
I got my latest email from Banana Republic, and I have to say I got confused because everything was those pastel Women's colors and very frumpy... when did they stop being hip?
Anonymous said…
I covet those sunglasses. If I ever had $500 to spare, I really would get those.

Please do check out those Anthro cork wedges. They are amazing. If I cannot own them, I want to know someone who does.

Lover Lady said…
Caption for photo: Choosing an outfit for laundry day was so exhausting that Lizbeth had to lie down for a nap.

Yes, you would need to be VERY tall to wear that sweater. And small-boobed, I think.

I love the orange loafers. I actually have a pair of orange suede loafers. I also used to have a pair of Espirit gold metallic loafers. In the 80s. I thought I was the shit.
Liz said…
I love the colorful ballet flats on jcrew's front page.
That it ensures good karma for you for at least a year (the $). I've been eyeing those bracelets. Looks like something I should be able to make, however, with a trip to a boat supply store.

I think you need that little blue and white striped skirt.
kmkat said…
I would have been all over those variously colored jeans in my younger days. Now, not so much.

$500 for a pair of sunglasses? The mind boggles.
Scot said…
Those Biella Loafers look like they're laughing.
I think if a cardigan is to be worn with the buttons terribly miss-matched it should probably be called an "insanity Sweater"
I love that Antiques Roadshow- Tatoonie Edition screen grab.

My word verification is catfu
Paola said…
Reading your posts is like watching a movie.

$500 for those sunglasses. Really. I didn't know that JCrew is more expensive than Chanel.

Only a 6.0ft tall 100lbs bone ensemble can wear those cardis.
KPB said…
In Australia we have a name for that blue - menopausal blue. It's that hue all mother's of the bride and groom tend to wear.
If I spent $500 for sunglasses I would surely lose or break them within a week. My $12 pair from Walgreens are apparently here forever.

Love the $$ story.
KPB said…
Oh and waterfloral my arse. The official name for those jeans are 'what happens when you accidentally wash colours with whites'.
KPB said…
And I kinda woulda thought those gold loafers were only allowed in Florida.

And while I love the concept of that lopsided cardy and can totally see it on you, I'd spend all day thinking I'd missed a button hole.