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Some familiar faces at Prada...and, to whoever tried to convince me, last week, that Gary Oldman is hot, you may be right!

I like looking at the people at museums nearly as much as I like looking at the exhibits.

The end of an era? I broke the Star Wars Burger King glass. Thank heavens for ebay.

I saw a commercial for a new asthma medication which led me to this site. What's with the monkey?!

Just this morning I was accused of making the triangle face. Damn.

This, my friends, is all too true.


I think I recognize Adrian Brody?
I want the little girl at the museum.
Apparently Dulera is good for monkey allergies, but that one has a crazyface!
I can't do triangle face. I tried.
Last night Sorority Girl and I watched Shit Sorority Girls Say. I thought we would both pee our pants.
KPB said…
There is something about Adrien Brody that makes me all goodgy. He's just so hot in that ugly beautiful kinda way.

"If you see the monkey you have inhaled too deeply."

What is that movie with the triangle face? Must see. Although Natalie Portman makes my neck itch. Let's face it, she's just Padme in different outfits, irrespective of the movie.

You know I am actively seeking freelance work this - oh sure, to pay kindy fees, school fees, buy food and petrol, pay bills but ultimately - TO GET TO NY for my 40th birthday. December dude. (I know, total pipe dream but amuse me just for a moment OK? It's January.)

I have expressed to you how I basically just want to live in NY haven't I? Surely. Can you imagine. What a hell zone we'd be.
Aeron said…
love that east coast slang, but, hate the cold-cold-cold weather up there in new york.
Anonymous said…
That's almost exactly what I thought New Yorkers say!
Paola said…
Oh Kim ... I've been living my life hoping to move to NY but I guess I just never had the guts to do it.
Yes, I am answering Kim's comment, instead of commenting the post.
Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE (times a million) NY.
Anonymous said…
I knew it! Seattleites are just like NYers, just in a different place. e.g., your Brooklyn is our Eastside. I hate to say it, but NYers and Seattle urbanites are totally idiotic snobs--even if you and I are sometimes one of them.