Okay, okay...maybe you don't want to watch two hours of sweded Star Wars.
That's fine.

What else is going on? Well, that bacon cooked in bacon with bacon was pretty damned good, I'll tell you. I could only eat a tiny corner of it (VERY rich) but it was just fine.

I am so looking forward to running away this weekend.

My breakfast:

a French roll with butter. With butter so good one considers eating it off the foil packet.
With a knife. Just saying.

But, lo, it is not all about eating butter and bacon over here - no!
After all, don't I aspire to wear the Toothpick jean?

Well, perhaps not.
First of all, it gives me a headache. Secondly, I am no toothpick.

What more can I say?
Not much.


Scot said…
I know this is a terribly "guy thing" to say but she's wearing Aquaman pants! Give her an orange shirt and a yellow belt and, well, you can see where I going with this.
Ginnie said…
Before I saw what you wrote about the butter, all I could see was the picture. And I thought, that looks like very good butter. Thick cut and in foil. Not thin and in a plastic tray. Glad to know my preconceived notion was right for a change.
Duyvken said…
I aspire to wear the toothpick jean, before baby #3 I wore that kind of thing all the time. I don't think I'd wear green though bit I love her shoes, very cute.
Paola said…
Not my most favourite shade of green, but I lurve green.
Toothpick ... hahahahahaha
Anonymous said…
Am smiling because you said "sweded" which comes from one of my favorite weird movies.
Team Testosterone and I plan to watch your Star Wars this weekend. We have no plans to wear toothpick jeans, however.
Anonymous said…
Gah, that girl is wearing my $500 sunglasses!

KPB said…
And my adoration of Scot continues to grow.

I have coveted a pair of jeans not quite that hue (nicer obvs) for quite a number of weeks over here. I am by no means a toothpick but my legs are pretty close. Kinda.

I ADORE beautiful butter. You know I'm *this* close to making my own. It's a snap apparently.

Probably why I am more the tree than the toothpick quite frankly.
Terese said…
I watched the first 45 mins of the Star Wars film you posted. It is captivating and so creative. I wondered if their were international entries. Which part of the story did your boys sections feature in?