I'm off work today but I'm busy.
K is actually, now, working on two jobs: one for which he is traveling on Wednesday and another for which he was hired over the weekend.
It is highly unusual for him to do two gigs at the same time but the second one was with a former colleague who, by Sunday, was desperate to find someone to help with a small but important project.
We were in Target (oh, yes, we do see the sights!) when he got more texts about it as none of the people he recommended were available.
They need a solid predator with experience and quick turnaround, he told me as we checked out.
A what? You aren't that kind of guy, said I as I watched the check-out guy pack in slow motion.
A Producer-Editor...a PrEditor, he smirked a tiny bit.
So, in a great role reversal, I dropped him at the train station (he got permission from the other gig to walk away for 48 hours) went to the bank and got a cup of Starbucks.
I am taking Youngest for his injections and to see a gastro guy for what have become chronic gastro issues. He spent the weekend shopping for, building and shooting "a three dimensional space" for one of the final portfolio pieces he needs for his college application. This project found us at, of all places, a dollhouse store far from home. Oh, you dollhouse people out there are a serious bunch. We waited patiently whilst the saleslady helped a customer choose the spindles for her wee tiny stair-rail.
It was homemade kielbasa for dinner and then the Golden Globes, Downton Abbey and the Golden Globes. I had an wonderfully fun time following this which may have been better than the telecast itself. Downton Abbey, K pointed out this morning, is teetering on the brink of having too many plot lines. We are barely keeping up but like it all the same.
It's good and cold here, 10 when I dropped K off, but not nearly as cold as either of the places we're headed too. Isn't that just like us, heading off to below-freezing climes in January?
Yes. Yes it is.


Paola said…
... Predator ... lol

It got cold here too.
Anonymous said…
Catching up with Downton Abbey might be the balm I require today...
Crazy Mom! said…
I have to agree with you on Downton. But it is delicious!
Duyvken said…
Lovely. I like 'predator' very much, thanks for sharing. I hope that youngest gets on well with the specialist. Time always drags when waiting for things like that don't you think?
Miz S said…
Why must Youngest be cursed with GASTRO issues? I ask you.

Also, having a bit of a hard time accepting that he is applying to college. He's 13, and he's playing out in the yard with sticks or something. Stop messing with me.
KPB said…
Having a family member with chronic gastro issues I feel for Youngest very very much. Hope it gets sorted toot sweet.

I have seen NOTHING of the Golden Gloves except Brad and Angelina standing in some sort of Munsters stance looking really really gloomy to be there.

Downton Abbey was on commercial tele here (ie, with ads) and well, I simply can not watch any form of period drama with ads. So I haven't seen it.

Did you watch the new Upstairs Downstairs? It was pleasing.

You know my ongoing never moving anywhere project is a dolls house don't you?