Have a look at this!
I'm swamped but will be in touch later (I am famous for emailing this at work...will be in touch shortly...)


Paola said…
Have mercy.
Carmen is 80 years old and has the grace and beauty of a teen ager.
A class act.

Now, are you hinting your new haircut? Or maybe a new bag (GASP)?
L.P. said…
I love Carmen.
Wow, that's confidence.
I want her hair!!
kmkat said…
Sure, she looks great. But what I want to know is if she is kind, does she have empathy for others, is she loved by at least one other human being? If not, all the great looks that money can buy are worth nothing.

I will not comment on the dead animal on her arm.
blackbird said…
Good points, all.
I don't know too much about her. She is a professional model so it's no coincidence that she is perfectly poised in front of a camera and beautiful.
As for her personal life:'Orefice

it sounds somewhat sad.
Unknown said…
Are we sure it was a real dead animal? It looked faux to me...

She is lovely and clearly hit the genetic jackpot.

Either way, I loved the Carl Orff score. That song always reminds me of my father.
alice c said…
You could pull off that look, no question. You already have the hair and MissM could lend you her best leather gloves.