the future

So, that, below, is the second movie I really want to see "in the future."
Wes Anderson! Roman Coppola! I luff it.
Bill Murray looks wonderful, and Tilda...well, I have a huge girl-crush on her.

What's going on?
Twenty dollar bills flying through the air, can you believe it?

So, I'm supposed to be making a list of my accomplishments and write about my goals for the year at work, as part of my review, and I find myself completely unmotivated. I do believe it is the first task at work that I am not keen to do. And it is not that I am unwilling, or embarrassed, or hesitant, to list my (many) accomplishments, it's more like I am bored with it. And what can my goals possibly be? To prevent an important executive from missing meetings/flights/office turmoil? I ask you.


It's Saturday morning. I have a three day weekend. The laundry in the basement is piled to the ceiling.

Seen in the defunct token booth in the subway, by C and me, on our way downtown. We knocked on the glass window and wished the clerk a happy day!
(Clerks inside defunct token booths are notoriously cranky, not that anyone would blame them, but she was a delight!)


Hilary said…
Ok, this won't help you now, but it may for next year... I do a list of accomplishments for my review also. To make it quick and easy, every year I set up a new outlook folder for "accomplishments" and everytime I do something worthy, I write a note and save it there. When I go to prepare, it is all handy.
kmkat said…
Hilary is a genius.

Goals for 2012:
1. Develop a sixth sense so as to be able to answer the phone before it rings.
2. Develop telekinetic powers so as to be able to teleport your boss to wherever he needs to be -- instantly.
3. Invent a new type of coffee that gives immediate energy with no such effects lasting > one hour. Result: energy when you need it but still be able to get a good night's sleep.
4. Have your memos nominated for a Pulitzer, category to be determined.
5. Maintain calm and humble attitude throughout.

I know you can do #5; get busy on 1 - 4 ;-)
Question from a non-city girl. Why is there someone working in a defunct token booth? Has it been repurposed?
KPB said…
An outlook folder to jot down achievements? Genius but also - is this what it has really come to?

I just did a six day/four week schedule of HOUSEWORK which will guarantee my house is clean and tidy and never overwhelmingly cluttered as is its want. Someone pinned something like it on Pinterest. Maybe Pinterest is indeed the work of the devil, beguiling us all with prettiness but transfixing us in such a way we all become the modern equivalent to Stepford Wives.

I am both disgusted and depressed at myself for doing it AND for just how much is the list that AS IF I will ever do.

How long have you been in your job? Five years? Hmmm, yes.
alice c said…
What kmkat said.

(I absolutely aspire to a humble attitude but I am glad that I am not measured on this because I fail within the first sixty seconds of every working day.)
Anonymous said…
Those little bright spots in the world, like that sign, always make me smile, too.