done and dusted

There's really nothing much better than cleaning the kitchen, after Saturday night dinner, whilst listening to The Prairie Home Companion. Some music, a little poetry and good humor and I'm able to scour the pots.
I'm still weary, after a short week at work. It was capped off with my annual review, which, even if it goes well, is anxiety inducing. It did go well but was a bit of a battle of wits. I'll stop there. I've gotten a lovely raise which will enable me to continue having my hair cut at the expensive salon. That's the way I look at things, while K might say the increase will enable us to pay our bills. That's the difference between us: I work for a reward and he works for the bills. Not fair, I'm sure.
Anyway, I had an ally at work who bolstered my confidence and was touchingly adept at supporting me. I'm not always good at speaking up for myself, you might be surprised to hear.

In other news, K is going to Minnesota on a project, to the Mall Of America. Imagine? I cannot. But off he goes, which is lovely as we continue to be grateful for his work too. Gosh. I sound like...well, I don't know what I sound like, so I'll stop there too.

Youngest is nearly done with his college application and is the lucky owner of these shoes

 which are clever copies of these shoes -

They are brilliant and I am thrilled that someone under my roof appreciates such things.

 Did I tell you what we did on New Year's Eve?


The five of us, with champagne, watched Star Wars on BluRay. We laughed at the masking tape, clearly visible in certain scenes, we argued over who shot first and marveled at the cheap sets. And then we toasted and drank and watched the ball drop. The evening proved, again, how lovely it is for me to live with four men. You have no idea how lucky I am.

In an attempt to take a photo a day I've captured dinner.
Fish and chips on one night.


Delicious, thanks.


 A bird and an arrow... for K and me. Where from? No idea.


He has hung some hooks, my K, for  my scarves.
I have dozens.
Wealthy in scarves am I.

What else? I am 5 episodes into Downton Abbey in preparation for tomorrow night's premiere of the second season.
I am thanking all the saints and angels for a clear report on the health of my friend A, I am very pleased that our parcel has landed and is loved by our Tokyo friends and I have a sudden happy anticipation for my trip to Chicago. I want to spend time in the city - at Poppy's wonderful place in the sky. I want Thai food, late at night, and the cold, windy walk for a coffee, and too much drinking and talking and that view...I want to stand in the sky and look at that view.

  the lake

I'm hoping for a wicked bad snowstorm. But one can't be picky. I'll take Chicago in any weather.

 But I've got lots to do before then. Still, it's good to have goals, don't you think?


Anonymous said…
You write so beautifully. This was such a treat for me to read right now, since I'm feeling...well, I'll stop there.

kmkat said…
Funny, I had never pictured you as a blue scarf kind of person. They are all lovely, though. K will be in my neck of the woods! Would he like some subzero weather and/or a blizzard to welcome him? I'm sure Minnesota can oblige, even though the past week or so has been unseasonably warm.

Your NYE sounds impossibly idyllic.
RW said…
I like this little report on your life.

A good haircut cannot be underestimated.
Paola said…
Great shoes!
The Mall of America ... I admit I'd love to see it alas probably never will.
Love that shade of blue.
A raise, nice way to kick in the new year, then how you see it is obviously personal.
Chicago ... Thai food ... good friends ... a skyscraper view ...
Sigh, sigh and more sigh.
The Coffee Lady said…
'Wealthy in scarves am I' - oh, I see what you did there.
L.P. said…
What a lovely post, b. Congrats on your review and raise (and yes, a great haircut is worth it).

Love that arrow bracelet! And the scarves... sigh. I need more, I tell you. And I've gotten my daughter hooked on them as well.

I recognize those buildings! Although I never lived anywhere near downtown. I had a brief twinge of homesickness until I remembered waiting on the el platform in that biting cold January wind that only Chicago can provide.
Unknown said…
congratulations on your good review. And Happy New Year!

I live with 3 sons and a husband too... so I know exactly where you're coming from! It's fab, you're right.
Scot said…
If that's what you like to do, you can come over and clean my kitchen anytime you'd like. I'll even cook and turn on the radio! :0)
Scot said…
P.S....Youngest, cool shoes!
I don't think I've ever heard of "Bondage Lace-ups" but I like them.
Anonymous said…
Will try your "quiet plan" next Sunday night. That's funny how your husband is headed to the Land of Prairie Home.
I do hope you get snow for your trip. They say there's some in tomorrow night's forecast here...
Amy A. said…
Blessed with work, wealthy in scarves and men. You are charmed, I'm sure. :)
Great shoes! I am excited about Downton Abbey too. I hope you enjoyed the first episode of season 2.
KPB said…
Those shoes are sharp.

I too look on more money coming in in terms of rewards rather than reality.

Seeing as Rio is on constant rotation in this house at the moment I see Minnesota and immediately call it Mini Soda. Ha.Ha.