the cat's away

I'm in Chicago. Do you know what that means? It means the Bird Boys will be eating all of the things I don't care for. Case in point:

  dinner for Saturday

 Youngest caresses a rather large salmon.


raych said…
Oh ew. You are correct in your feelings towards salmon.
Anonymous said…
Wow. I hope they are having company! That thing is HUGE.

Anonymous said…
It was big. Now it's a lot of little pieces. 9 steaks and 2 filets and one head. Sake-kama anyone?

KPB said…
I hate salmon with a passion I rarely bestow to any food whatsoever. At first I was unsure as to why this was the case and then it hit me.


His clothes WREAK of salmon virtually any given day. But it is that I only get the smell after he's been at work for around 12 hours. ANd then when they've sat on the laundry floor for a night. Or two.

Hence the hatred.

Weirdly I can tolerate it on sushi or as sashimi.
Paola said…
How unfair.
I would love some salmon every now and then but Fabio will never eat it. Too FAT!
Oh yeah, that's my hubby.
Have no clue as to what sake kama is but I know I'd love to have some!
Wonderful fish, cute boys, great chef!
I would expect that big fish to star in some video before it got butchered.
alice c said…
Big Sushi a la Bird

Sending love to you and the tribe in Chicago

Scot said…
Soak those salmon fillets in some Quervo Gold, add a bit of garlic salt, some freshly ground pepper, LOTS of lemon slices and nuke it for 7 to 8 minutes. Serve it with herb/butter rice and some aspargus and I'm comming for dinner! Goes well with a good micro-brew (or Blue Moon)
BTW- cooking salmon in the microwave keeps it firm, cooks it fast and keepS it flaky and tender. It is the best way, IMHO.