back at work

I'm busy, back at work.
The weather is icy cold and I love it.
I wear lots of layers and enjoy the walk to my office and then a hot cup of tea just before I plunge into the day. But it takes some time to get used to the different routine of not sitting around with a glass of wine at four o'clock.
K is busy with a work project and I've just made arrangements for my winter trip to Chicago. The airfare was irresistible ($59 each way) and I'm looking forward to seeing my pals.
In the evenings we have wonderful dinners and then climb into our flannel sheets.
Tonight we watched this. I had tears pouring down my cheeks - the movie and remembrance of it, of my father telling it, cuts me to the quick.
I'm emotional these days and my boys are good to be so patient with me.
Tomorrow is Thursday. We have no weekend plans. Chicago is the 27th.


jo said…
this will make you smile:
blackbird said…
Those are fabulous!
Carol said…
Oh my goodness, those autocorrects are so funny! I just have to ask as one who is always about 3 years behind, tech-wise, don't people read one they send?
RW said…
The transition back to working life has been a bit brutal this week. Here's to making it through.
Anonymous said…
If things keep up, you'll enjoy a mild weekend in Chicago.
That airfare IS irresistible.
Anonymous said…
So cool about the upcoming Chicago trip and the good price on the airfare. But I always worry about you traveling there in the winter. Isn't that silly? The weather worries me. But I know you will have a ton of fun.

I love love love having my kiddos and I know know know they are going to grow up too fast....but I miss miss miss watching movies on a regular basis and part of me secretly awaits the day when I just can again (without any guilt guilt guilt for being selfish with my time, or preferring to use that time to sleep).

Duyvken said…
so many little things remind me of my dad in a way that brings me instantly and unexpectedly to tears. Seeing rock cakes in a shop window, for example, breaks my heart. I haven't baked them since he died and I don't think I'll ever be able to face making them again. One day I'll tell the story but even now, sitting here in my living room with the kids drawing pictures and Sweetie squealing with delight I find myself weeping just a little bit.
Enjoy Chicago! Pack warmly!
Scot said…
Want to hear something freaky? It was 62 here today! ...62...if this wasn't just a comment box those numbers would be blue and in a really big font size. 62!!! The PETA ladies were parading around downtown wearing lettuce bikinis. Don't get me wrong, we're still getting down to the very low 20's at night. I also have the flannel sheets on my bed, but I've been carying my jacket to work not wearing it.
BTW, just reading Wind in His Hair's soliloquy put that lump back in my throat.
alice c said…
I'm sad you are sad and I hope that feeling slips away without you noticing that it is going.

I saw this yesterday and it made me gasp - I must send it to Readers Guide.
I get it.
Last night we played a video with my kid's first 3 birthday parties for Cape Cod Kid's girlfriend.
Most were shot by my dad, but at one point someone else picked up the camera and there was my Dad, holding Sorority Girl on her first birthday. He's been gone 17 years and it still took my breath away.