when what to my wondering eyes


dan renzi said…
Those poor models walking through that dinner party must have been starving.
Paola said…
(deep) SIGH
Anonymous said…
So Medieval/Edwardian/Sumptuous.
Anonymous said…
Oh my god...is there nothing that man cannot dream up. It would be so much fun to be even a tiny bit involved in that world. Wow.

Thanks for posting that!

There's a black and gold tunic that arrives at :50 that I love.
Scot said…
Did anybody else notice the little train running the length of the center the table? I thought that was the coolest part.
How is it that Karl Lagerfeld, who looks like he's about 180 years old and straight out of a vampire movie - a goulish low budget one not a glittery, sexy, sensitive, rock and roll vampire movie - designs clothing for people one tenth his age. Honestly, the man is creepy. Why doesn't he show his hands? Have they morphed into claws?
That whole show was a bit bizzare. It needed music by Nine Inch Nails.
Plus, wtf? Hair and make up by Tim Burton?
Wierd, very wierd.
But I did like that train.
kmkat said…
The over-the-top presentation was annoying to my Midwestern soul. But I sent a link to my husband telling him to watch near the bottom of the screen @ 1:50. That's when the train carrying the bottle of brandy went by -- he is a model train nut and will love that.
KPB said…
A train! Carrying brandy!

Scot - Karl Lagerfeld - the Mr Burns of the fashion industry.