the stars were brightly shining

So, not everyone in my real life knew who both Dave and David were from the holiday party story yesterday - but, for those who did, I was FUNNY AS HELL.

Yesterday was the annual scarf sample sale, held just downstairs from my office.
Oh, the pressure!
The excitement!
The scarf company, you see, did business with my company some years back and, as a result, grants employees at my office an additional 25% discount.
Hundreds of scarves await us when we descend and, frankly, I have to spend the first half hour orienting myself so as not to become overwhelmed. (This is not the luxury scarf sale wherein I can choose one scarf and need to know which one I might like before I head in - this is the sale in which nothing is more than $30 and most things are in the $10 - $15 range.)
To make matters even more exciting, the first two hours of the sale are for the friends and family of the company - and that's us.
I bought a pile of things for me and a couple of things for others (this does embarrass me, what can I say?).

This set for Little A in Tokyo. Little A is 17 this year. Note to me: SEND PARCEL TO TOKYO.


Curly lamb vest? All the rage. $20. Wore it for 20 minutes. Conclusion? Too much vest for my small frame, no matter how cheap.


"Touch" gloves which enable the user to, uh, use their touch device. Not warm enough for K (we discussed on the phone) and, even in a small, too big for me.


 Funny hat? Too funny. Not purchased. $7.


Most beloved purchase.
Oversized. Silk. Black and white.
My price? $30.


Paola said…
You freaked me out with that red ensemble which peeked out at me while I was reading your first post lines.
I thought you lost your cool and went RED.
But then I saw the black and white silk stripe one.

I like those "touching" gloves, great idea.
Anonymous said…
Nice. I'm tempted to make a New Year's resolution to buy nothing for myself that's not silk. But that's sort of impractical. Love it though. And you are going to love having that scarf.

Sharon said…
Had to google "Habutae". I thought it was some fancy word for commuting... as in, this scarf would be great when you are commuting to and from your HABITAT.
Duyvken said…
Oh my that stripey silk wrap is GORGEOUS. I hope you wear it constantly. And yes, being short does makes some fashion statements difficult. I can imagine that you would get a little lost in that big lambskin vest. I adore that set you bought for Little A. I hope she loves it. And thanks for taking me shopping, I always love it when you do!
Anonymous said…
Bummer about the vest--but great scarf.