merry and happy

ring out


L.P. said…
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!
Scot said…
In a hundred years I would have never thought to make a wreath out of sea shells. That really is quite nice.
Hope the Bird family is having a great hoilday.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful circle of friends with us. As always, a special smile to Paola, Fabio and Brizio.
zephyr said…
Merry Christmas, BB!
Miz S said…
Getting ready for dinner with your boss?
Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas, bb. I hope it was wonderful--ours was.

Now on to getting ready for a birthday for my soon-to-be seven year old! 12/31...much to be done. He's into Top Gear and posh, fast cars and I'm all "huh?"