I kind of saw Survivor last night. Mom brought fresh ravioli and fed the boys. I came home snotty and miserable with a sore throat. It's the time of year when people catch colds. I've caught a cold. In a big net.
I went up to bed and surfed and listened and peeked. I know that Cochran and Ozzy are on Redemption Island and I think that's just about perfect. It must be over soon, yes? The jury looked nearly full.
So this is really a random post except that I've noticed that I've uploaded a lot of red stuff.


Our holiday party invitation. BEST ever, by an amazing new designer down the hall from me.
Two passes and it was DONE. It's going to be a great party too.

Three women at my company (of 100) have badly broken their feet. One last fall, one last spring and one last week. These are the flowers I had sent yesterday. Red!

Would you be amazed to know that I was eyeing this dress to wear to the party?

I was. And I do like it but worry that I would be uncomfortable. We had to wear bright blue to an office function last month and I got a terrible headache. Too much color for me.

This is much more like me.

Sweet wee foxes are hothothot.

Seen in the office:


Seen on the internet:

Banksy shop till you drop

Isn't it THE BEST?


Jen on the Edge said…
I think the red would look gorgeous on you, especially considering your current hair color.

However, if you feel it's too bold, what about wearing a black dress but accessorizing with something red, such as a necklace or pashmina?
Shinny said…
Get the red dress and where the grey scarf thingy with it. I would go with a bit darker grey though if you did that. But you would have color, yeah! and your favorite grey too. Double yeah! ;)
Shinny said…
Ok, just saw that apparently I can't use the correct spellings this early in the morning, I meant wear not where. Sorry.
Anonymous said…
I've been smitten with red dresses lately, too. Must be the season.
Paola said…
I fell off the chair.
I'd love you in red.
GO for it!
It is a very cute card, indeed.
Anonymous said…
Is that Hilary Knight's work in the second from the bottom? I love the report card.

blackbird said…
Caterina said…
What's up with the last one? Should I keep staring at it?! :P Or stop now?
blackbird said…
There is no screaming giraffe in that picture.