Starting Monday, 12/5 the railroad begins a new Quiet Car pilot program on select peak hour trains on some branches. Under the program, 4 morning and 6 evening rush hour trains that operate between the suburban zone and city zone will have a designated quiet car - free of cell-phone conversations, sound from other electronic devices and loud conversations. The railroad will gauge customer reaction to the program before expanding it to all branches.
The railroad ought to have a little chat with me, just sayin. This is a brilliant idea.

From Middle: did you know it's anatomically impossible for a horse to puke. Cause, you know, I was thinking how hysterical it would be if you just saw a horse vomit. (makes vomit noise) Aw, nuts, the horse just puked on the rug...cause they live indoors. 

Have I already linked here? Because the Uncastables are awesome. And they make me squirm.

Also, I had a little to and fro with db of Anthroparodie. Well played, db. Well played.

Please to enjoy the Unimpressed Astronaut. Sometimes at my house we like to say asstronaut. We are mature like that.

Youngest gave Middle the funniest card on earth - personalized for the occasion.


All I can say is that we are reduced to giddy laughter with just a glance.


Apparently the cover illustration has modified to be Troll Face and the interior portrait is Mi Gusta? I don't know. They have vowed to keep all internet hysteria from me as I "ruin it." (which, I suppose, is exactly what I am doing now)

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I've attended a brunch, two fundraising charity events and am about to do the annual office party.
The other night I was here:


after which I found myself here -


 Just across from here.


I decided to walk to the station via this part of town


 Such a place!

men with flowers

 Middle and Youngest as flower-girls.

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Call me crazy. I like these Free People hikers.

It's always good to end a post with shoes, don't you think?


Anonymous said…

I am looking forward to hearing about your annual office party. This year for mine, we are bar hopping in Post Alley, which is by the Pike Place Market. I cannot wait. It will be very low key, but quite jolly and a fun excuse to get tipsy with co-workers.

Paola said…
In spite of all the lovely holiday shots you are sharing I still can't wrap my head around Christmas.
Jenn said…
Your sons sound grand.
Anonymous said…
Uncastables--left me HOWLING.
Silent cars--brilliant indeed.
I went shopping for jeans yesterday and came home with the most wonderful SHOES. You would love them I think. Consequently, I had to go out again in search of jeans today.
Well done on the Anthroparodie comment box.
Caterina said…
I want those flowers! Gorgeous. And I would die to be at "just across from here." *Sigh*
Now I feel the need to text my best friend to find out if her horse has ever puked. Must know.
zephyr said…
i can't call you crazy for liking those hikers. That would be reserved for some of the other footwear you show/love/like...