oh what fun

I was peeping around in my flickr archives and found this -

 gray sky

 from not so long ago...but Youngest looks so different.

Say goodbye! (I had a little cry.)


Oldest sold his little, old, green car and bought a newer, safer, little white car. I worried daily about him in that little green car (no air bags, frequently needing service) and will be happy to let that go. The new car is a five speed and I know he loves that.


 Note to me: bring in a pine bough for where the kid portraits were.

 Other note to me:


find something for over the fireplace!

It's my last week of work before the holiday and I am:

having my bangs trimmed gratis by the lady who cut my hair at the fancy salon

attending a company dinner with a team I work with

having lunch with my friend A

going to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party!

Can you see me in a Christmas sweater? I shudder to think, but I have to say, it is yet another way my company is fun to work for as it's a great way to spend an afternoon during what will, undoubtedly, be a long week.


Duyvken said…
I absolutely cannot see you in a christmas sweater. But like the idea of you trying :-) Those burlap wreaths are so pretty, I have a tutorial pinned (of course) but sourcing burlap is not going to happen this year. I love the paper stars on the pine bough, that is just gorgeous. Might do that with the kids when we head up north to visit Greg's folks, they have lots of pine trees on their property. I need to get my hair done but will only get around to that after Christmas. Which leads me to the question, why do I have so much grey hair?
Nope, can't picture you in a Christmas sweater. I had one I actually liked way back in 1992ish. It was black with some felt snowmen and I only wore it on my Kindergarten volunteer days.

I like the pine bough with the stars.
Paola said…
Well I politely DEMAND to see you in a Christmas sweater.

Is it Christmas? Really?!

Still not feeling it even if I put up the tree and play the music ...

robiewankenobie said…
christmas sweater. this is killing me over here.
Anonymous said…
I am so glad I haven't got to wear a Christmas sweater, ugly or otherwise.
I do like that wreath so much.
Anonymous said…
Be sure to give the bangs lady a $5 tip.

Those old photos are so pretty.

My sister's office had an ugly sweater party and she is very much against that aesthetic, even when it's meant to be all in good fun. She wore a Santa hat, though, and had a lovely time.