it's the most wonderful time

... of the work week.
It's the day of the office party. Arranged by me. (And two others.)
Yes, this year, I sweated out the details over three (!) unbelievable Spanish lunches with mucho Sangrias!
It's all set.
Tapas and toasting to commence at 5:00. Or 4:00 if you're on the party planning team cause we've got to go over early and check things out. Like the wine. Just saying.

And what am I wearing? I know you're wondering. I have two skirts in a bag behind me and SOMEONE will have to help me decide.

In my head I think all party goers (including me) should be dressed thusly:

but it isn't that formal.

I saw this yesterday

and I luff it, but I'm too short.

Likewise this:

I'm a little short.

So, what's in my bag?
One of these:

and one of these:

Both sheer, to be worn with black tights. One has a mini skirt under the sheer layer and one has shorts. Shorts!
I hate to tell you - I like the shorts one best but I'm not sure I can pull it off.

I'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said…
OOh, I like the shorts one too. Very much.

Have a good time!

Anonymous said…
Damn, I wish I were tall, too.
I hope the wine checks out. Good of you to go ahead and make certain.
Bet you have a blast tonight.
Amy A. said…
Those skirts! I love them so. Have a lovely party. I do envy the variety you enjoy in your job!
Jen said…
Hope you had a good party! For your info, this tickled me and made me think of you:
The Coffee Lady said…
You're not going to wear it with tartan, though, are you?