it came upon a midnight clear

Christmas is hours away.
I was the last in the office today and then had lunch with friends.
Nothing is wrapped, though the boys are busy with K's present tonight.
Tomorrow I have a manicure and will do the wrapping.
I've made two kinds of cookies and need to finish prettying up the boss is coming for dinner on Boxing Day!
Tomorrow, I've decided, we'll watch Love Actually.


Susie Sunshine said…
A happy Christmas to you and yours, Sugarsmack!

Love Actually,
Anonymous said…
Tonight I finish Love, Actually (from you! remember?)...because I was tooooo sleepy to watch all of it the other night.

I am dreading wrapping. Not that it's so much, but it's just not my favorite. I don't have cute paper this year and am kind of bummed about that.

I love that your boss is coming to dinner. Is K cooking something tasty or do you do the honors, I wonder.

I also have been enjoying your post titles very much these last days. All is merry and bright.

kmkat said…
Darn, I forgot to get Love, Actually from the library this year.
Scot said…
Don't forget to watch the Deleted Scenes!The part with the teacher always gets to me. Plus, thats the best fart joke ever.
I went to a Walmart today! I've never been to a Walmart before! I'm NEVER going to go to a walmart again! What a horrible place filled with horrible people. Good prices though. Bought a new, bigger crockpot and a pork roast. Pork and green chili for Christmas dinner. Homemade tortillas from Randy's Mom!!!!! Heaven...
Hope you ALL have a great holiday!!
alice c said…
Sending Christmassy love from us to you. May the candles burn straight, the eggnog foam and the manicure remain immaculate until you ready to rise again after your Christmas feast.
Hilary said…
have a very merry!
marian said…

Have a great holiday, bb.
Paola said…
After 2 days of travelling all through Italy (with a stop over) without internet, we have landed on the Dolomites once again.
Not much snow this year(SIGH) but still majestic sights and that special Christmas vibe you can only get on the mountain.
So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your adorable boys.
And to all of your loyal readers too, with a special nod to Scot.