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Isn't this a lovely lake house? If we win the lottery we'll need at least two houses. One by fresh water for K and one near sea water for me. 
This would be a good one for K (I don't mean to imply we'd live apart).

I'd still collect stones if I won the lottery. I'd put them on the windowsills just the way I do now.

This room looks so inviting and comfortable (and is in a hotel? It must be, look at the door) on the interwebs but I know, perfectly well, that if I checked in to a hotel room like this and saw the condition of the furniture, I'd complain. 

I like this room too, but it's too complicated.
(Have you noticed my centered text? I can't be arsed to fix it and, so, I'll pay homage to Alice with it.)

I love the idea of a sleeping porch. Never mind. It's 35 degrees here and I'm loving the idea of flannel sheets. 

When I take down the icicles in the dining room I'll make a garland of the bells and hang them near the fire like this. No one seems to mind the icicles in the dining room but my boss spent the evening ducking them - though he's no taller than K who walks among them without a problem.

I am truly hoping for inclement weather. I need some snow and ice. I'm sending back one of my Christmas presents (a sweater) and buying these La Canadiennes.  Discountdiscountdiscount. They are the same price as the sweater and were originally two and a half times that. Score.

Waterproof and warm, I'm looking forward to wearing them.


Duyvken said…
Perhaps you and K could find a nice peninsula somewhere with fresh water on one side and salt water on the other? I've never swum in a body of fresh water and imagine it would be very disorienting. I am a sea girl myself.
Paola said…
I'm always so fascinated by those lake houses but I could never swim in a lake. I'm even picky on the sea, actually.
Boots rock.
It's snowing heavily here RIGHT NOW.
I think blogspot is messing with us. My test keeps centering itself and won't stay fixed no matter how many times I fix it.

My aunt and uncle had a lakeside cottage in Rhode Island when I was young. I loved it there.

Enjoy your boots and chilly weather.
dan renzi said…
How do you put stones on window sills? I was just inspired to build shallow boxes on window sills and fill them with river rocks. That would look so cool.
The Coffee Lady said…
I'm a bit alarmed by that third picture. Is there room to go through that door?
alice c said…
Bless you for that sweet little thought of me xox.

(And so appropriate because "can't be arsed to fix it" is my secret motto.)
Anonymous said…
I have never in my life seen stones that beautiful. And those, bb, are the boots for you. Love that score!

KPB said…
Those boots are swoon-worthy.