God bless us, everyone!

It is done.
Christmas Part 1, the Eve, in which we dined upon Cuban sandwiches with little fanfare. Though, actually, just before the dining, and after K realized he had forgotten to buy an amaryllis for my aunt, at 5:40pm, AS WHOLE FOODS WAS CLOSING, we rushed there, like crazy people, and I ducked around a security guard to grab a lovely orchid. That was exciting. In the afternoon we wrapped presents and watched Love Actually and I had a good cry. I also put little faces on six ping pong balls which I slipped into the boys stockings. Why? No idea.


Christmas Part 2, The Reckoning, Morning, had us waking at the relatively sane hour of 7:00. We assembled in the living room and had a lovely time opening gifts. Highlights included Middle's wrapping paper (a year of Maxim magazine) and my Sandra Juto Wrist Worms, which I have wished for for a year.

girlsgirlsgirls wristworms


From packaging to fit, they are my dream wrist warmers and I want to wear them all the time.
My mom came by and we had coffee and presents and prepared for:

Christmas Part 3, The Stew. As is our custom, we drove to my aunt and uncle's house for his exceptional chicken stew and the annual Tacky Christmas Card Contest (we lost) and lots of laughter and love. Full and tired and happy, our day was not over! We traveled a short distance to K's mom's house for:

Christmas Part 4, With Ham and Cousins. A crowd, yummy food, presents! No one makes a ham like K's mom and I had no trouble at all assembling a stellar sandwich and would like to drive back out there today for another. Most of the cousins are grown up now and it's fun to watch them together.
I got a great deal on Bucky Balls and, I must say, they were a hit.
Home to our beds, happy and fat. The boys were done but K and I still had to prepare for Boxing Day: Christmas Part 5, The Boss Comes To Dinner.

We set out for a new supermarket for ingredients. At home K cooked, I cleaned and, at six, my dear boss and his sweet wife arrived with lots of wonderful wine and we laughed and ate (so much!) and drank up all the wine and had a very enjoyable evening. And, apart from that odd feeling of having my boss in the dining room (like seeing your teacher at the mall) they were very nice company. I like his wife very much and always wish for more time with her.


Dinner was lobster corn chowder, artichokes with hot mayonnaise (an inside joke and delicious) and sticky toffee pudding. Oh, and, K wanted to test his new smoker and do some country ribs which he brought to the table completely undercooked and could have poisoned my employer! Also, rosemary roasted cashews. And maybe some cheese. Olives? Yes.
It was lovely fun and I have threatened everyone within earshot that I am not moving from my bed today as I am tired...though I think there's more artichoke dip in the fridge...


Hilary said…
did K get the big green egg smoker? We have it, and it took a long time for Marc to master it... We had quite our shares of dinners like yours, but once practice makes perfect...yum... so worth the learning curve.
The lobster chowder looks yummy but would potentially poison my Sorority Girl.
I love, love, love the wrist worms.
Bucky Balls look like a bunch of fun.
My WV is pencatol...sounds like a sleeping pill!
kmkat said…
Wrist Worms -- I (of course) had never heard. They are all the rage, aren't they? We knitters call them fingerless gloves. of them. I am making a pair -- 2 pairs, actually, if all goes well -- of them for #2 Son's fiance. Enjoy yours!
Paola said…
You need a vacation.
Anonymous said…
Ahh, how nice! I loved everything about your pre- and post-Xmas and the actual Xmas too. and perhaps that was the last clever, Christmas-y title, unless perhaps they last until the new year...we shall see!

KPB said…
Divine and delicious. All of it.
Jennifer said…
Sounds like a great few days! Merry Christmas Blackbird and Family.
Scot said…
Where did you find a great deal on Bucky Balls? I've been wanting some for quite awhile now. Magnets, of any kind, are getting difficult to find.
Anonymous said…
Mmm...it all sounds wonderful!
RW said…
Merry Merry Christmas and Happy New year BB!
Sounds like a wonderful bunch of days.
I love Sandra's wrist worms... I love the ones that look victorian with little buttons on the sides....
we ate well.
lots of cheese.
a quiet day just the four of us.