Flex Seal, an iChat

The scene: Middle is downstairs watching television. bb is upstairs watching the internet.

Middle: oh my god, this infomercial ... flex seal

bb: bought that
      screen door in a boat

Middle: they replaced the bottom of a boat with a screen door, and sprayed it down with flex seal to
              show how well it works!

bb: yes

Middle: good god
              it's amazing!


Middle: good.

9:39 PM


I bet he's thinking of all the things he can do with it.
KPB said…
If you buy the ab flexor you'll be dead to me. Just saying.
Paola said…
I love that when I come here, most of the times, I must google to see what the heck you're talking about ...But I love more the relationship you have with your boys.
Slight envy, as I don't see that happening with my boy.

robiewankenobie said…
Anonymous said…
Pretty please make everyone's day and do an infomercial on it with Middle.
Caterina said…
Ha! Not sure what made me giggle more....your conversation with your son*, or the comments on here.

Hee, hee :D

*Ditto what Paola said.
Anonymous said…
Flex seal--why do we even bother with anything else? So much flex seal appeal.