blackbird's two minute movie review

Each summer (Memorial Day) and each winter (Christmas time) we venture forth, as a family, to the movies. This is not as easy as you think as we are: in various stages of employ at any given time (Middle worked overnight the day after Christmas), don't necessarily have the same taste in films (I am not seeing The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) and often could not see the same film together (Oldest is not seeing The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo with me). It can be a challenge to find something we'd all see and then set a date and go. Fortunately, the holidays often provide "family fare" and this time we lucked out and went to see The Muppets.


We each had varying knowledge/love for the Muppets and the movie managed to entertain us all for a couple of hours. It was cute enough to make us smile and sprinkled with enough celebrity cameos to keep us looking. (Does anyone know who that huge blue muppet guy is?) As we sat down, Youngest gave me the plot:

So, the way these things usually go is that for some reason the Muppet's theater is going to be knocked down or taken away or something and the only way to save it is to put on a show.

And that, my friends, is exactly what happened.

All the Muppets had to be rounded up (with the help of a montage) to get back together and do a show after Gary and his brother, Walter, learn of a plot to tear down the Muppet studios.

That's Gary and Walter there - don't waste your time wondering why one is a Muppet and one isn't. People don't question things like that in Muppet movies.
In fact, I wasn't really prepared for that and several other facets of Muppet filmage such as breaking into spontaneous song and humans interacting with Muppets. I don't think I'd ever seen a Muppet movie and aside from guest hosts I wasn't sure Muppets interacted with humans.

There are bad guys (Middle likes the bear) and funny props and inside jokes and we had a good time despite the fact that we had found ourselves in the filthiest theater in all of Tuvalu. (I brought an orange to eat and was thrilled to be able to sniff it as the stench in the room was awful!)

The best scenes are definitely the big ones, the ones with as many Muppets as possible. Cutecutecute.
We aren't an easy bunch to entertain but we were all smiling.
Have a look at Amy Adams's costumes too, charmingly retro.

I think I'd give it an eight!


Duyvken said…
lovely! Amy Adams is pretty adorable.
kkc135 said…
We, as a family, loved the movie too. However we also wondered who the heck the big, blue muppet guy was. Where did he come from??
Paola said…
Believe it or not Brizio has never set foot in a movie theater. He turned 11 yesterday. Why?! I have no idea. Might have to do with the fact that we don't go to the movies (what with me only wanting to watch movies in English hence waiting for them on cable).
Lover Lady said…
I grew up on the Muppets and Sesame Street (original Muppets) so this is right up my alley. Maybe go see this weekend!
Scot said…
That vacume cleaner thats driving looks like BAD ROBOT or Wally. Why would either one of them be in a Muppet movie?
jo said…
Dragon tattoo (the original) had us both spellbound and entranced, so much so that we forget we were reading subtitles. Not looking forward to seeing this version, but I am sure I will at some point - I am a completist - wondered why you would *not* see it. Admittedly it is dark in subject matter, but I never felt that was something you shied away from.
L.P. said…
I really want to drag my kids to see this! Especially since I heard Andrew Bird does a solo in the movie.
So far my favorite Muppet movie has been Muppets Take Manhattan. I think I've seen it at least 6 times. I'll see the new one as soon as it hits Netflix.
Amy A. said…
Why, why, WHY was there no Steve Martin or Bernadette Peters cameo? I kept looking and looking and the only thing was a Steve Martin picture on the wall. Sigh.
Anonymous said…
I practically begged my child to go see this movie with me. He refused, he even cried. He did not want to go to the theater to see a movie (and he likes the Muppets!)....because, get this, he wanted to go to the Ferrari dealership. He's not even 7! What the heck.

I will drag my 28 month old and she'd better like it!

Anonymous said…
Okay. I took my TG-lovin' kiddo today to see the Muppets today, and we both enjoyed it (after some horrendous previews, by the way). He giggled throughout and there was one line/scene that I actually laughed out loud about (I cannot recall what it was right now). But when his dad asked him how he liked it afterwards, he simply said, "Some parts of it were interesting." WTH!!!