all is bright

The party was a great success.
I kept the skirt with the shorts in it...and spent the evening showing them off (much to K's chagrin).
I looked great. Here I am resting my weary legs on the train.


I pointed out to K that I was posing like Diane Keaton.
Everyone had a great time and the restaurant staff was so charming that the evening turned out beautifully.

Last weekend Oldest went into town to run some errands and was overrun by SANTAS.

It was SantaCon! There was a twitter feed!
He couldn't get near his favorite bar. Oh, the howling!

Oldest, I mean, not the Santas.

Meanwhile, it's pretty festive round here.


Does it look like someone TP'd our tiny tree?

Every year Youngest asks for a pony.


Screen shot 2011-12-11 at 1.29.25 PM

Now, look, I do feel terrible about this. This is a beautiful photo of the gorgeous lady who sells Christmas trees at the end of the street. She's French-Canadian and lives in her van from Thanksgiving until Christmas morning right there on the street. That's not what I feel terrible about (though it's quite a thing, isn't it?). I feel badly about not having the name of the photographer. Holmes, maybe? He did stunning portraits of NY Christmas tree salespeople last week. Go and see.
It's Joseph! Joseph Holmes!
So, yes. These amazing people live in their vans all over the city, selling trees. Magically, on Thanksgiving eve, the wooden frames of their sales areas are erected and then the trees arrive and they move in. Neighbors feed them and let them use their bathrooms and restaurants send wires out to loan them power. It's amazing to me and it happens the same way every year.
Mr. Holmes has captured the essence of them. They are each wonderful characters.

Are you feeling Christmas-y yet?
I'm beginning to.


Cape Cod Kid and Cape Cod Girlfriend are arriving Jan 3, so we'll be ho-ho-ho-ing until at least Jan 10th.
I like having the tree lit every day from morning to bedtime.

I love the idea of the community taking care of the tree sellers.
L.P. said…
Great post! Your legs look fabulous-- love the boots/socks/tights.

And all those Santas swimming upstream toward the bar! So do they have really high walls on the pedestrian walkways on NYC bridges? Can you see through those at all?
Scot said…
Glad your party went well. Aparently all that Sangria was worth it!
Because I'm the type of person who loves to read menus, I have a question for Oldest.
Although The Slaughtered Lamb looks like a great place, why is the Spinach Fettucini listed twice on the menu - as is the Fried Beef Steak - yet doesn't seen to contain either Spinach or Fettucini?
Good God that menu looks good. I'll try one of each! Ever try the Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale? Soooo Good!
Paola said…
Well. I am trying to concentrate on Christmas now.
It faintly looms in the distance.

La fiesta must have been great, you organized so ... it's a guarantee.
Happy you chose the shorts skirts, liked it best.

Scot: you kill me.
Hilary said…
I love the skirt with the shorts... you must have looked amazing...

I feel far from Christmas-y

But... I am SO ready for New Years, I have had enough of 2011!
Anonymous said…
Oh! This post today is everything I hoped to read!
A fabulous party!
A fascinating person selling trees!
Anonymous said…
I second what Green Girl said.

Anonymous said…
And must add that seeing the card with the pony writing to Santa asking for a child pretty much made my day.