(At the museum.)

oscar has a clam roll

(Awaiting a clam roll.)


(On the way home from school.)


(Making fire. Homemade camera.)


(Fingers taped for drumming.)

Middle working

(Always shooting.)

(Fellow commuter.)

He is 21 today.


L.P. said…
What sweetness!
Paola said…
Is K's tradition still going on?
Buon Compleanno caro Middle.
KPB said…

Happy birthday Middle. Best time of year to be born (I'm tomorrow).
Mary said…
Oh Middle. Oh BB. Oh Middle.

Cannot . believe. it.

Happy Happy Birthday to your lovely Middle. I have been wishing I was Bill Gates wealthy for many reasons lately - and now a new one - I would fly him here to shoot his way around Australia - he would be in heaven.
Suse said…
I can't believe your sweet Middle is 21.

Happy birthday to him!
Hilary said…
happy birthday middle!
Only the best guys are born on 12/7! Congratulations to middle!
Jan said…
Middle. 21. Time marches on, eh?
Happy day to you and K, BB. These milestones are so poignant. And of course, happy birthday, Middle!
Kathy said…
Yay! Happy, happy birthday, Middle! Holy cow, didn't OLDEST just turn 21? What is he, like 30 now? WHAT YEAR IS IT?
Happy Birthday Middle!!
Unknown said…
my youngest, who reminds me in SO many ways of your middle, will be 23 tomorrow. happy birthday to your fine boy!
Susie Sunshine said…
Happy, happy Birthday!

I'm so excited see what you accomplish in the next 21 years!!! (I have a feeling it won't be boring....)
RW said…
happy birthday to your middle one.
cheers to you BB.
you are an inspiration to me.
NorahS said…
Happy Birthday Middle.
Eleanor said…
Happy birthday Middle,

from your adoring Aussie fan-club.
Jen on the Edge said…
WOW. I can't believe he's 21 already.

Happy x 21 birthday to Middle!
Anonymous said…
Shut the front DOOR!

Congrats to all and happy birthday to Middle, whom I admire and have a wee crush on. Now he's a Middle Man! Can I buy him a drink? Be advised that I am already looking forward to when I will be able to say that I knew (of) him when. He's bound for such cool, interesting things in this life, as are all the bb guys.

Wendy said…
I'm wondering the same thing as Paola.

Happy Day, Middle!
Brigindo said…
Happy Birthday Middle! It goes by so fast.
kmkat said…
Happy, happy, Middle!
Anonymous said…
Happiest of Birthdays, Middle! It's been wonderful hearing about your adventures here at say la vee. You know, this flock wishes nothing but the very best for you, always!

Cheers to you!

Ginnie said…
Well how did THAT happen?! Happy day to Middle!
Duyvken said…
Happy happy birthday!
robiewankenobie said…
he's a cool cat, innin he? wowza. congrats to him on his natal day, and to you. as my papa would say, "you done good"
Anonymous said…
Many happy returns to one of my favorite internet children--I find him fascinating!
Caterina said…
Weeee!!!! How cool is your son! And now 21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIDDLE!
Poppy B. said…
Happy Birthday to my fellow Sag--the most philosophical of the signs--characterized by our constant search for knowledge--and cool toys.

Hope you got some!