I thought it might, perhaps, come to the graham cracker.
Neither a cookie (biscuit) nor a cracker.


My work is never done.


Scot said…
If its any help, Webster's dictionary defines it as:
a slightly sweet cracker made of whole wheat flour
Who'da thunk it?

Now I really want to know, Linda, what do you all make cheesecake crust out of?
Anonymous said…

have decided to make a Aussie version of smores

*anzac biscuits in place of graham crackers

marshmallows - check

**cherry ripe bars in place of hershey bars

*the smell of anzac biscuits baking in the oven attracts offspring to the kitchen so i am cheating with store bought this time

**cherry ripes are nothing like hershey bars but i am a card-carrying cherry-ripe addict so why fight it

Scot - in a past life i did use sweet biscuits to make the bases for cheescakes - but then i met a very wise woman who suggested i cut to the chase and just eat the condensed milk. life changing i tell you

Word verification is "cohokero" which i think is latin for 'eat chocolate' so i am off to make aussie smore for desert tonight
Paola said…
Of course ... Graham crackers, unavailable here as well (Italy) but very good indeed for that Sweet/Salty flavour.

Linda seems to have found her way to the S'Mores ...

The blogesphere, my favourite places.
blackbird said…
A Cherry Ripe seems like a gourmet addition.
We don't have Cherry Ripes HERE.
KPB said…
Cherry Ripes are THE BOMB. THE SHIZ. ACE.

Seriously, they are my pick of any chocolate bar. And now they do a dark chocolate version which is EVEN better.

Scot - we make our cheesecake bases out of a sweet plain biscuit such as one we have called a 'Nice' (pronounced like the city, not the non-descript word we use to cover the fact we think something is horrid but don't want to offend) or something called a Marie (as in Maaa reee) - which I suspect is probably about as close to a Graham cracker as we get - which we then mix with melted butter. Because that's what cheesecake needs. More fat.