water, water, every where

K's horoscope said he'd be dealing with leaks in November and they weren't kidding.
So far he has: de-grouted and re-grouted the upstairs shower, twice; sealed two leaks near where the chimney meets the roof; yet another area on our posh French kitchen faucet is leaking into the cabinet below, and he's out in the driveway with a hose helping Oldest fix a leaky sunroof.

The kitchen faucet situation really burns my britches as we have probably had to fix parts of it twice a year each year since it was installed. And though the company is French-Canadian (which seems distant) they have been very helpful supplying parts as the faucet has a lifetime guarantee. At this point, though, I'm eager to replace it for a couple of reasons. It's fussier than I'd like and, looking back, I do remember choosing things for our remodel that were easy to care for and clean. But, somehow, I think the faucet escaped my scrutiny. I'd like one of those single lever, high-arch, pull-out hose faucets now.
But, then I start thinking...thinking and wanting...wanting and needing....
Does your head do that? Especially if money feels tight? My neighbor told me her faucet (the kind I'm coveting) is from Home Depot and was not more than a couple of hundred dollars. Of course I can't find one that inexpensive and she just did a huge remodel so she may not be remembering correctly.
I look around and notice the faucet needs replacing, the dining room chair cushions need mending, the dining room needs repainting (there's a hole in the ceiling) and I'd like different curtains in there.
On the other hand, K just repainted the big board AND he used magnetizing undercoat so we can post recipes and pictures now.
I'd like boots for the snow that aren't huge snow boots. I'd like La Canadiennes which are hundreds of dollars, but I don't need them.
I'd like a new bathrobe. I have a bathrobe but it has hair dye on the neck and I think I bought it when I had Youngest. And it's white!
I've seen several gorgeous long cardigans being used as bathrobes which is brilliant as I dislike bathrobes and love cardigans.
And, speaking of cardigans, I'd really like the plain black cashmere cardigan that JCrew sells as my favorite black cardigan is pilled and holey and old.
Another item on the "old" list are my beloved Uggs. I don't know how old they are but the insides of them are flat and hard where they used to be poofy and soft on my feet. I've spilled something terrible on the left one. I could get some new wool innersoles and have them cleaned (there's a dry cleaner nearby who advertises that they clean Uggs) or I could buy a new pair. I don't really need a new pair.
Can you see how this goes?
I need to stop it.

I've done a significant portion of my Christmas shopping and am awaiting further reductions before I finalize a big Amazon order. Do you hear me Amazon?
All right.
I've got to go mend the cushions.



Paola said…
I know exactly what you're talking about. It happens to me all.the.time.

Did you notice your posting date/time?
11.27.11 11:27:00

Go play lotto. Now.
mckie2 said…
Uggs now seem to be made in China - way over priced. Get some Wicked Good slippers from LL Bean. Probably still made in China but afford-ably priced and pretty much guaranteed for life. And no more or less ugly.
Hilary said…
I feel your leak pains... We have been plagued by leaks for years. Everytime we think we fixed them, the water comes back. Fed up, we found a company that specializes in leak location (sort of like CSI for leaks). They came the other day with gizmo's and gadgets, looking like a scene from ghostbusters. They claim to have found the entry point of the water, but I am not getting my hopes up. Also, to make matters worse, I broke the shower faucet again, and started that leak back up. New faucet is on order from Costco...
Wendy said…
I have the wicked good slippers from llbean and they are indeed wicked good.

I have never been happier to have followed your advice regarding our faucet. "Simple" you told me. So we went with the kohler one that pulls down and has only one hole in the counter. I still love it and am so glad I didn't just buy the one I thought was cool looking because it would have made me crazy by now with the different handles for hot and cold and all the entry points into the counter that I would have to clean around.

That all said, can I suggest that when you do purchase a new faucet, you buy one through a plumbing supply company rather than a box store. They look the same, but I have had two plumbers (both of whom I trust) tell me that the inside parts on the plumbing supply one are of a higher quality than the box store version. That's why they're cheaper there.
Anonymous said…
I am going through this exact same thing right now. Several items that I currently own and enjoy are either breaking down or are broken down, and I have been living with them as is for a while. Replacing them, which is constantly on my mind, somehow seems more attractive than fixing them. Maybe even less expensive, depending on the item. And unfortunately, neither is really an option--pretty frustrating. But for you, can we agree to elevate the status of the faucet replacement to Truly Needed? You use it all the time and if it's leaky or otherwise causing issues, that's not good. Probably easier to justify spending money on that than on a new sweater or new Uggs...which I also understand would be awfully nice....ugh!

We are lucky that these are our problems. I know this. It's what allows me to not obsess (too much) over the condition of my broken down items.

Anonymous said…
you have 3 sons and you are even considering of pull-out hose thingy?

are you mad woman?

they are not faucets they are weapons to be aimed at siblings...well they would be in our house...guaranteed

RW said…
it is a slippery slope.
we have three - three pieces of furniture that need recovering. they are solid wood .... it would be way cheaper to just replace .... but I am compelled to keep them and slowly recover them.

inside of fridge had duct tape.

If I start looking I start seeing all the things I would like. Best to not look.
Anonymous said…
I tell you, ever since I had the living room painted, I NEED new furniture. And carpet.
I get it. (not the furniture and carpet, the way this slope slips.)
KPB said…
You've basically dictated my constant internal monologue. Imagine if I spent that time working on curing cancer.