the things we do

I missed Survivor last night.
My mom wasn't feeling well - though she made us dinner. As per her instructions, I went and retrieved the meal, brought it home, heated it up (stuffed peppers!) and fed those present.
But then, I checked up on Oldest (moving man, helping my brother L), took care of some phone calls, took off my leggings, and sat down with the computer.
In rushed Youngest, complete with gloves and a respiratory mask. The pancetta K was hanging to cure in the wine room in the basement was covered with long-haired mold. The smell, he reported, was beyond awful. One photo-laden email later, we had permission from K to dispose of the meat. And, though he was retching, Youngest did the deed for me. I owe him a favor. A disgusting favor.
Anyway, I missed Survivor but I think I saw that there was a merge and Ozzy's plan succeeded. Perhaps you can let me know if that's right?

I can barely keep track of everyone. Middle is going away to see a friend at a far flung university. Oldest has been working nights. Youngest appears now and then.
Everyone but me will be out of town on Saturday and I'll work alone at K's sister's charity auction. K hasn't traveled in so long that it feels odd for me to do things on my own.

The downstairs bathtub is clogged, I need the plumber. The upstairs shower is leaking, I guess we have to rip up the floor.

It's Thursday and I'm just about ready for K to come home.


Grandma Cebe said…
Survivor - yes, Ozzy won the duel and got back in the game. They merged. Cochrane gave Ozzy back the idol and then switched teams. Ozzy and Dawn won individual immunities. A lot of mind games and manuvuering by everyone before tribal. The best part? Thinking that that other tribe would vote off Whitney, Ozzy gave her the idol. Ended up that Keith went home. Ozzy gave his idol to Whitney for nothing. The only way that he'll stay in the game now is to win immunity from here on out.
blackbird said…
That's exciting!!!
Anonymous said…
May we please see the moldy meat? You knew if you mentioned it, someone would ask....
blackbird said…
uh, yes...I have to get the shots off my laptop which is at home.

RW said…
moldy meat.
the thought of it.
good on youngest for taking charge.

I am doing some triage here in terms of schooling/ must stop bleeding first.

it is dark dark dark here in the mornings.
L.P. said…
Plumbing always seems to know when a partner is away and starts acting up. I'm totally convinced of this.
KPB said…
long-haired mold. *gag*
Ginnie said…
I've never heard of long-haired mold, but the name makes me laugh! I'm sure the sight and smell would not, however.
Brave Youngest. Reminds me of when my sister found a dead bird in their yard and gave her 5 year old son instructions on how to pick it up with two trowels and put it in the garbage can. Instructions delivered while cowering behind the back door.
Paola said…
You threw it away? I am not the expert here but mold is part of the process ... like cheese ... I've seen many salami, prosciutto, pancetta and whatnot covered in mold.

OY. K, where are you in this time of dire need.