Franks and beans, my friends. Franks and beans.
You don't even want to know how much I ate. A lot!
You might want to know that I had an expensive haircut today at a very chic salon, and, I am here to report that the experience proved that sometimes you do actually get what you pay for.
I look amazing!

Jim got sent to Redemption Island and it's night 24.
There are three guys at Redemption Island: Ozzy, Jim and that other guy.

Back at camp, Ozzy warns the team against Jim. He tells them he was dangerous and works to reassure the "people at the bottom of the alliance."
Whitney sees through his baloney.

In the morning, Cochran drinks some of the Coach Kool-ade and does exercises on the beach. Coach promises to try to protect Cochran but is worried about Albert.

It's time for a Redemption Island challenge. Keith, Ozzy and Jim will duel and the whole tribe will watch. It's an endurance challenge that, my mom says, is causing her pain to imagine. The two losers will be the first members of the jury.
Jim is out first.
It's very tricky.
They are holding poles up on the back of their hands.
Keith drops out next and Ozzy goes back to Redemption Island.

And Ozzy is having a wonderful time at Redemption Island - or so he says. He fishes and swims and eats well. He uses the time to rest and rejuvenate to make himself stronger for the end of the game.
(And when IS the end of the game?)

At camp there are no fish in the nets and people are hungry and tired. Cochran and Dawn do some bonding. Cochran is willing to make some deals with her and has a lot to consider to stay in the game.

There is a big team challenge for immunity.
With a bowl of rice balance on their head, players must walk over teeter-totters to deliver the rice at the end of a course.
People have a lot of trouble but Dawn does pretty well with Brandon and Sophie too.
Sophie wins by bringing a huge bowl of rice through the challenge while others struggle.
There will be a twist at Tribal Council which will be revealed then!

After the challenge Cochran and Coach talk about Dawn and Whitney being the next to go. But what will the twist at Tribal be? Cochran is nervous.
Dawn is aggravated and thinks she's going to Redemption Island.
Whitney thinks she and Dawn need to ally themselves with someone - perhaps Albert.
Albert would like Edna out and talks to Dawn and Whitney about it.
He'd like to make an alliance of he and Cochran and Dawn and Whitney but they need one more person.
Albert warns Cochran that he's going to be voted out seventh.
Albert suggests a plot.
Albert approaches Sophie and Cochran and suggests they vote Edna out.
He points out that the game is not Out Clean and Out Organize...I think I'd do poorly.
Coach threatens that anyone that votes against the family is dead.

At Tribal (and it's only 8:37) they talk about who will be five, six and seventh out.
This is the time to make a big move.
Dawn says she is the perfect person to have on your side.
Coach claims he is not the leader of the tribe - Whitney doesn't buy that.
Time to vote.
Who IS that guy with the big mustache and the cowboy hat?
Damn. They vote Dawn, a likable, bright woman. She goes to Redemption Island and the twist?
The team goes directly to another challenge and vote.

Jeff asks Survival related questions and the team must hold up answer cubes.
Cowboy guy is Rick.
Whitney, Coach and Sophie remain after two questions.
Coach is out.
Sophie wins immunity again!
Whitney gets voted out.

There aren't many episodes left and I'm not home next Wednesday!


michele said…
I'm dying to see your haircut! Please?
Paola said…
Do we really have to ask for a shot?
Duyvken said…
can we get a shot of you with a mask hiding your true identity but allowing us to see the chic haircut?
Anonymous said…
Yay! You look amazing!
RW said…
Anonymous said…
Money well spent! I too want to see...without know.