Ozzy is still in the game, the teams have merged, Dawn and Ozzy win immunity and Ozzy gives his to Whitney, Keith goes to Redemption Island.
After the vote Ozzy wants to talk to Cochran alone. Ozzy wants to know why Cochran double crossed him. Turns out everyone is pissed at Cochran.
Cochran is embraced by the new members of his team but his old tribe mates are very angry.
Ozzy says he has a new strategy...there's a challenge.

Throw coconuts into a ring, cut a coconut open, put coconut water in your mouth and carry it to a place to spit out...whoever fills their coco-water first wins. Blech.
Jim wins this wretched challenge.

Who leaves is huge at this point. Ozzy and Coach have an emotional time discussing his leaving.
There's lots of discussion about who's going. Jim tries to bargain and discusses his speech. He wants to round up some votes for Cochran.
(I want to swim in that water!!!!)
Will Jim give Ozzy the necklace and save him?
He discusses it at Tribal, but he also makes a case for the team to vote out Cochran.
Ozzy challenges the team to vote him out - he knows he can get back.
And so he goes.

We found ourselves thinking that was the end of the show but there was a second half!

Ozzy catches a great big fish on the reef and he and Keith have a little feast.

Back at camp there's a balancing challenge for immunity...but, if anyone feels confident they can sit out for pastries and iced coffee if they'd rather not compete.
Only three players choose to compete: Dawn, Whitney and Jim, who are obviously not confident about being able to stay in the game.

Jim drops out.
Dawn says she's staying in as long as she can so the team can eat more. The tribe appreciate her efforts.
Dawn steps off and Whitney wins, after a tedious effort.

Cochran works to solidify his position on the team. Jim works out who's who and what's what in the sand. He lines up a plan but there's another plan in the offing. Is Dawn dangerous? That's the question being asked by Albert around camp.
But does the person voted out in this Tribal go to Redemption Island or Home? Sounds like Home.

Brandon gets kind of stupid at Tribal and he twists Dawn's words and picks a fight with her. She tries to make it better but he insists that everyone from her team is living on borrowed time. Whitney bursts into tears talking about how they will be voted out. We can't see why Brandon has to be so verbal and mean. Sigh. He IS Russell's nephew.

Jim gets voted out...fine with me, I don't like his attitude.
So Jim goes to Redemption Island where there are now three guys?
I'm not following this.


book_chick81 said…
Three guys on Redemption confused me too. Will the two losers go home in the next challenge? Or just one? I don't get it.
And I'm over Brandon. He never keeps his mouth shut.
Anonymous said…
I want to swim in that water, too. So beautiful.