You know what I do on Sundays.
I have coffee in my bed with the laptop or, sometimes, the newspaper, and my boyfriend.
I stay until someone needs something or I start to feel too lazy.
I eat some cereal (if I'm lucky, as I was today) with some boys and then I throw a load of laundry in the washing machine.

One day last week, or the week before, I got a pitch email about a baby bottle that looks like a breast (which I think is BRILLIANT). It was one of three dozen pitches I got last week and I was a little peeved as most of them were for mommy bloggers. I wrote a note to the PR lady who sent it and asked her to unsubscribe me - which really is a little rude as it turned out that she is not a machine and she's working from a list and she can't just unsubscribe me. She wrote back, immediately, and asked what I write about (not easy to pinpoint) and I said something witty like: laundry and life.
Less than 24 hours later I had four full-sized bottles of amazing laundry products. Products I'd never think to try but had seen in stores and was intrigued by.
And that's how I've been using Vaska Herbatergent this weekend.
What can I tell you about Vaska Herbatergent? A few things.
1. It made Youngest's laundry stop smelling.
    I'm not kidding you and I don't know if you have a 17 year-old boy, but 17 seems to be prime time  
    for, uh, laundry odor. This stuff killed it dead. You'll have to take my word for how impressive that
2. It made nice suds. I know perfectly well that suds aren't supposed to mean anything and, in fact, that
    bubbles are visual proof of poison or something, but suds make a difference to me. I like to see
    them. They trick me into thinking things are getting clean. In this case it was no trick.
3. The clothes felt nice coming out of the washing machine.
4. A big bottle of Herbatergent is the same price as the same size bottle of Tide.
5. Tide got my things clean but I couldn't help but think there's some really noxious stuff in Tide.
6. They have a lavender scented product too. I think we all know what I'm buying when I finish this

Vaska products are available at Duane Reade. There are 250 Duane Reades in New York City.

Do you know what else my new favorite PR person represents? Roux Maison laundry products.
We'll talk next week.


jo said…
Tell your PR friend that on your recommendation I went on amazon and bought some.
I just finished my detergent today and wanted to try a different brand of environmentally friendly suds.
Adventure Otaku said…
Does your PR person have a friend that does PR for Kayaks?

Brigindo said…
Yep. I had one of those 17 year old boys. Impressive.
The Coffee Lady said…
Someone sent me six full packs of coffee this week. Six packs.

Laundry PRs, I can take them or leave them.
Lover Lady said…
Nice. My blog isn't nearly big enough to get pitched. I am a little jealous. I would like some swag. :)
Duyvken said…
would adore to be sent laundry products. I checked out the website and the packaging is lovely which totally makes me want to buy it. Sounds like a lovely weeknd. xx
Caterina said…
I was about to ask where I can get this stuff (other than Duane Reades), but your first commenter answered that :) thanks jo!

And thank you for the FYI on 17 y/o boys. I'm not there yet, but one day.
Paola said…
I always noticed that ALL detergent (also soaps and bathfoam and all the rest) in the US have a lavender scent ...
I HATE lavender
I guess Americans LOVE lavender though ...
Long gone are the says when I stayed in bed with my boyfriend ... LE SIGH!
KPB said…
You had me at 'potent botanical cleaning agents'.

Ask your PR rep if they sell the stuff in Australia.

I would happily receive cleaning products, jewellery, white goods, electrical goods, bedding and good quality manchester. In case, you know, any Australian PRs are reading this.
Anonymous said…
I think I need to track down that detergent.
kmkat said…
I am pretty sure TSA will not allow #1 Son to bring me a large bottle of Vaska Herbatergent when he flies home for Christmas. Thanks to your first commenter for telling us about Amazon.
Duyvken said…
And Sweetie has tommee tippee bottles that have breast-like teats. They're fabulous!