speaking of Christmas themes

I got a sale notice from Fab.com and thought I'd share. You know, in case you want a holiday theme too.

I don't think I knew mistletoe was a parasite. Regardless, we can stick it on the ceiling now without worrying that the cat will eat it. (Which I don't have to worry about anyway as I have no cat.)

I love garlands like these. They're expensive and I am not sure what to do with them but I love them.
Except, maybe for this one

Does this look a little sperm-y? Sperm-like. (Oh, the google searches I'm expecting)


Does gold-plated mistletoe seem excessive?

It's a gold-plated parasite!

That's a carbon atom tree topper. But you knew that, didn't you?

Shop fast, the sperm-y garland is nearly sold out.


Anonymous said…
I had the same thought about the garland--sperm-y.
Paola said…
Of course it's almost sold out.
carbon atom - now I know what to get The Fiance for Christmas....err Chanukkah.
KPB said…
You know, you could crochet up a garland in a MOMENT. Think of all that commuting time you'd fill AND end up with gorgeous garlands to fling around the house. You're welcome.
Lifeofkaylen said…
Whoa...sperm garland. That's a different kind of Xmas theme!

You can definitely crochet that garland! SUPER easy!!