Do you know what size our new television is?


Get it? Actual Size?
On Sunday night we all sat up in my room and watched the newest pirate movie and ate cheese and popcorn and pepperoni and had a wonderful time.

Twice now, or maybe even three times, I've tried to send the photos from my phone to my mail so I can include them here and they aren't going. I do believe this is the fault of the update to the newest operating system on my iphone. It's killing my battery too.

I'm gearing up for my parade gig on Thursday and trying to remember what I wore last year. Layering is key, as are gloves. They gave me gloves that were two sizes too big and they hampered my performance. Balloon handling is not as easy as you might think and grippy palms are vital.

How about this: my boss has a favorite mug, a Starbucks mug from a few years ago. It's red. He drinks mint tea from it. Last Thursday he attended a board meeting that lasted from 11:00 until nearly 6:00. During that time I brought lunch into the board and checked on things a few times. Sometime during that day he handed me the mug (and the little dish he puts his tea bag in) and I put them down in the adjoining kitchen, on the counter. I went home a few minutes later and had a tiny moment of panic as I realized I had not brought the mug back to our offices. The next morning? No mug. Mug gone. Invisi-Mug. The mug has been purloined before. Last year I sent out an all points bulletin for the staff to be aware of the lost mug and one co-worker wished me a fond farewell! I've put up flyers. I've sent out emails. No one is stepping forward. Broken? Stolen? Why and who knows?

All right.
More later.


Adventure Otaku said…
time to come down hard on the mug thing. email to staff - the one who returns the mug, KEEPS THEIR JOB.

I am hearing Alec Baldwin in Glen Gary Glen Ross "Oh have I got your attention now?"

KPB said…
I used to work in an office with a pathological mug stealer. We used to surmmise it's the step before they start eating other people's lunches out of the fridge. You know, like kids who torture animals/pull wings off flies end up psychopaths.

Just saying, watch your lunches people, nothing is sacred.
Anonymous said…
Hope you find that mug.
And keep your grip on Thursday.
Paola said…
The mug debacle sounds weird in your beautiful work place with fantastic coworkers,
Hmmm ... makes one think ...
Ginnie said…
Stealing Santa's mug? (I'm sure I'm right about this Santa thing) That is beyond the pale. Let's put a positive spin on it and say that someone took it home to give it a good polishing and will be bringing it right back.

Have a wonderful T-day eve and Balloon Day!
robiewankenobie said…
sometimes? you can get the retired *$ mugs on the ebay.
Amy A. said…
We'll be watching your parade on Thursday! Someday I will come to the parade in person and it will be one of the best days ever. :)
kmkat said…
So the board meeting was not in your offices? Time for an APB from the NYPD, maybe even the FBI. (Aren't I good with acronyms?) A full-page ad in the NYT (see, I did it again!) would not be out of the question. But if all else fails, eBay is a good idea.
Anonymous said…
was it a Joy mug?