No one wants to see moldy meat!
Let's look at George, instead, shall we?

No lie, George looks, just a little teeny bit, like K, in this photo.
Of course it could be that K has been away for nearly two weeks - though we have had a video chat each evening.

The tub is unclogged. It was so anticlimatic I cannot even tell you. A small pipe, a small clog I guess, and the plumber was the happiest guy I've encountered in a long time. Don't you just love that? A person who is fulfilled? He was delightful.

I've got a very busy day tomorrow, I'm taking Monday as a vacation day, the house is a SHAMBLES and I am counting the hours until my boyfriend comes home.
That's my weekend.
First, I have to get through my Friday.


Crazy Mom! said…
Thank you for the George picture. I lurve me some George. He can be my boyfriend any day.
KPB said…
My house is also a SHAMBLES and I see no end to its shambolic nature. God help me.

And how, HOW has K already been away for almost two weeks. I'm sure he only left on Monday.
Ginnie said…
Yes, you need your boyfriend back.
The Coffee Lady said…
Good luck with the Friday thing.
Paola said…
I've never said this to you but K always reminded me a younger Eric Clapton.

(you may want to shoot me, I understand if you do)
Rae said…
I love people like that plumber.
Wendy said…
As the page was loading, I gasped thinking you had posted a picture of K - I took in the hair and shirt first. I should have known better.

Here's to surviving our Fridays - and time with your boyfriend.
Anonymous said…
Let me get this straight: you have a husband who looks a bit like George Clooney, a relatively easy drain fix and a plumber who is a delight. Dang, lady. Life is good for you!
Miz S said…
Haha, Green Girl's comment pretty much says it all. xoxo