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Good site. Don't know about the merch, but Dresses? The Cottons? Okay by me.

So, here's my beautiful new new hair. You can't tell but it is an extraordinary cut. She started AT THE BACK and worked toward the front. Did you ever?
I'm going to email the big hoohah over there and sing the praises of my stylist who, incidentally, was really thrilled to be cutting my hair which is a, sort of, stunning turn of events as my Hair Genius, I now realize, was never terribly enthused. I'm wondering now if color was his speciality.

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It's a brooch. From here. Listed as a gift for The Individualist.
I don't fancy it as a brooch.
It's from Lithuania which further endears it, don't you think?
Turns out I pretty much love everything in the shop.

So, I have a thing for bears, I guess. Just go with it.

Did I post this already?


As does this:


do you NEED one of these? Does it roll the newspaper tightly?
I'm asking.


Crazy Mom! said…
Love Roz Chast. She is the Bomb.

I would totally wear the bear pin.
Crazy Mom! said…
OH, and your hair ROCKS.
Adventure Otaku said…
You've got a thing for bears? come kayaking with me....

LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair

Also, the girl and I just snorted at the shopping bag.
Anonymous said…
The haircut is great, that is my favorite cartoon ever (pasted on my office door), and I think I DO need that newspaper rolly thing -- maybe because it looks vaguely like a printing press and, you know, that would be fun.
Anonymous said…
OMG--I came back to see if you maybe happened to post a pic of your hair--and you DID! Thank you! I LOVE IT. The cut and the color are both just divine. Divine!

bb, I am FROM East Tennesee! I was born in Maryville, which is thisclose to the Smoky Mountains (from the bear pic--which I have to now get for my niece and nephew)! I lived there til I was 6, and it was only just LAST OCTOBER visited again for the first time since moving away. I loved being there again. It's a beautiful part of the country.

I am so excited about these two things (your hair and the Smokies!) that I have maybe exceeded my all caps allotment, but I don't care. XO!!

jBHAT !!
Jen on the Edge said…
Your hair looks FABULOUS -- both cut and color.
L.P. said…
Gorgeous cut! It looks wonderful. I often wish I could get my hair to look that chic. Sigh.

And Roz Chast speaks for all of us.
Jen said…
Great hair and cut. The roller makes logs for the fire out of old newspapers.
KPB said…
Wow, I just realised my hair dresser always starts at the back too. Go figure. Hair cut? ROCKIN' IT.

That cartoon is awesome.

That brooch bear is divine but not as a brooch - I kind of fancy him somehow pinned on your cubicle wall, just watching you all day. Perhaps you could start talking to him, working through travel and diary quandaries and the like. I think such behaviour would be perfectly suited to your office environment.


Something that rolls your newspaper for you? Does it come with a t-shirt saying 'I didn't get this fat and lazy for nothing'?
Anonymous said…
It is the perfect cut, you lucky woman! I love it!

Scot said…
Where did you find that (FUCKING) grocery bag? I need 5 of them, mine are getting kinda ratty.
Your hair looks great and I'm sure its the Fates reminding me - I need a haircut. I've only gotten it cut once this year and I always get it cut twice a year, whether I need it or not!
Eleanor said…
That photo of you could totally and absolutely be Suse. And I need that newspaper dispenser for when I go to Craft Camp in the winter.

They call me the Super Nice Pyro because I get so excited about the fireplace. Of course, Suse lights fires in her beautiful mudbrick home all through winter and is sick to death of it.

Isn't it nice to be uptodate?

E x
Anonymous said…
Le hair - tres chic!

anonymous jazzmin ;)
Suse said…
That's my hair! Hooray!
Paola said…
You look amazing, even from the side and half hiding.

(I knew it too)

... because you're amazing ... just the way you are ...
Bruno Mars (I think)
Mary said…
I wondered why you had posted a photo of Suse - and then realised it must be you!

Very elegant and a wonderful colour - I love it. Now off to follow some of those links.
Grandma Cebe said…
Great hair cut. My stylist always starts at the back, as well.
michele said…
wow. the whole look is amazing. the cut. the color. the scarf. thanks for posting a pic. you look beautiful!
Anonymous said…
LOVE your hair! You look tres chic.
My stylist cuts my hair back to front and I think she's a genius, too.
The comic strip and brooch both charm me. The brooch makes me think of Lyle the Crocodile.
kmkat said…
Love the Brave Bear (but my husband is called Smokey, so I too have a thing for bears).

Great haircut!

I have never used the rolled-up newpaper thing, but I have a hard time believing they will burn well. If a phone book doesn't burn well because it doesn't get enough air into the interior to support the flame, why would newspapers be any different? YMMV, however...
Hilary said…
Love your hair...the color is great
Unknown said…
Love the hair! LOVE!!
Ginnie said…
Your hair is beautiful!
Duyvken said…
Love the hair, looks fab bb.
Sarah said…
That Roz Chast cartoon is my husband's and my absolute favorite. That's really saying something.

Your new hair rocks!

I daresay, you and I have more in common than you've ever imagined.