Linda asks...

if the stories aren't coming may i be so bold as to ask a question?

what is this thing you Americans call a smore?

am i missing out on something grand?

Linda! What a perfect opportunity for me to explore! I would be delighted to explain S'mores.

S'mores, my friend, are a perfect example of a very simple American campfire treat which has become a huge commercial success - and yet, there is nothing quite like the original concoction cooked over an open flame, outdoors, at the end of a long day...maybe with a little whiskey. Wait! Hold the whiskey. S'mores are a family treat.
Okay, so, the recipe: two commercially purchased graham crackers (actually four, as commercially purchased grahams come in sheets of two, sidebyside), two or three marshmallows (from the supermarket) and half a Hershey chocolate bar.
There are many ways to cook the S'more, including but not limited to: assembling the ingredients as you wish - cookie, chocolate, marshmallows, cookie, wrapping the whole shebang in foil and setting it on a grill until the marshmallow is gooey and the chocolate melty; skewering the marshmallows on their own and toasting them into gooey hotness and then slipping them inside the chocolate/cookie sandwich and pressing them with your hands till everything gets melty; or melting the chocolate, dunking marshmallows in it and making the cookie sandwich that way.
There are dozens of other methods.
S'mores are highly addictive, but can be nausea-inducing if eaten too quickly or in too large a quantity.
S'mores have been elevated by American foodies to include homemade crackers, marshmallows and designer chocolates.
Little indoor s'mores kits have been invented which allow you to amass and cook the snack at your table and I even visited a Hershey's S'mores Suite at BlogHer two years ago where I was the grateful winner of a set of very long, retractable S'mores-making forks for use in a campfire.

Finally, S'mores are called S'mores because one always wants some more.


Adventure Otaku said…
You knew I would have to comment, right? Did you win a 'roll-o-roaster' at blogher? My favorite roasting device by far, because it extends AND turns at the flip of a thumb. And lets not forget our favorite Aussie cousin to the S'more --- the tim tam slam!

Paola said…
You people are mean.
S'mores ... Tim Tams
Have mercy of this poor woman stuck in Positano on a damp, grey, muggy Wednesday.
We have lots of outdoors here but no graham crackers to make s'mores. And Tim Tams ... pfff
Last night, on our way back from a LOOOONG doctor appointemnt me and Fabio were hungry.
No restaurant open ALL ALONG the Amalfi drive.
Yep, you read right.
We had a cup of tea and went to bed, hungry and angry.
(boy did I digress!)
Anonymous said…
And now I'll be quoting the Sandlot ALL DAMN DAY, thanks to this post.
lisak said…
You can substitute Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or York Peppermint Patties for the chocolate for a nice change. Cooking the marshmallows in a microwave makes for fun watching.
I KNEW you would do a proper s'mores tutorial!
Scot said…
I guess because my mother was a Girl Scout leader and my sisters were both Girl Scout, I always figured Smores were a Girl Scout thing. I could never figure out how to melt the chocolate.
That looks really good and gooey.
I never heard of Tim Tams, but I looked them up. They look really good also. ...and I thought I'd tried ALL the Pepperidge Farms cookied. Now I'm going to have to look for those. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
thank-you bb

now i am off to research what is this thing you call a graham cracker

texture? sweetness? what is the closest i can get in Oz?

life is full of great mysteries and delights