in which I read the paper, in pictures

God. Lidia is making rigatoni with pork butt and I could climb right into the television and eat it. Can one of you send me a recipe for red sauce with pork in it, please?
I always think, whilst watching Lidia, that with all of her success (and, therefore, wealth, I imagine) she has not found a solution for her hair loss. Don't tell me you don't think about her hair when you watch her. Whenever she's on someone walks through the room and reminds me that she is not Italian. Like I care!
I am reading the newspaper.


 I am sitting in the dining room.


 I have decorated!


The LLBean boot. A classic. Where are mine? Discarded sometime during college, I think. Given to or taken by the housekeeper for her granddaughter, who was my age. Now they're making a comeback. Go for it, I say, though I do remember they were wickedly difficult to get on and off and not terribly warm - best to get the ones with fleece linings.

Fleece? You should read this story.


The story of fleece!

A bit by Christoph Niemann. I love Christoph Niemann.


And a bit about discontinued cars.


Goodbye, Ford Crown Victoria.

And what did I do after I read the paper?


Tidied the kitchen drawers, she says with great satisfaction.


Jenny said…
The drawer is lovely, so satisfying to tidy.
Please explain the dining room decoration. Please?
blackbird said…
Um, well, it's icicles and bells.
(Blogger ate the first comment so if you get it twice, I am not a dork.)

Oh, icicles! Phew! Though your house got TP'd.

Red sauce: you are so not Italian. It's GRAVY. Red sauce is like some Cajun thing or something. Will send you a recipe.
Pomona said…
I love your icicles (and your tidy drawers of course)!

Pomona x
Miz S said…
Lovely icicles! Very winter-y.
Paola said…
Now I need an explanation for red sauce and gravy ... and I am Italian born and raised, although I am not your typical Italian I should add.
My MIL cooks that sauce (said with DISGUST as I DESPISE it) so maybe I could get the recipe when I see her ... if I manage to remember though.
DO you remember I drove to your house ina rented Crown VIctoria? I still have Oldest's expression in front of me when he saw me pull in ...
@Paola - it's an Italian American thing. Some people call a tomato sauce made with meat "red sauce" and some call it "gravy". My family calls it gravy, as in, "I spent the morning making my gravy".

Pork tomato gravy is a Proustian experience for me.
Anonymous said…
Excellent icicles.
I have similar boots, but they're lined and cozy and my son has now claimed them for himself since he claims HIS don't fit.
Julia said…
I had boots like that in college too. They were disappointingly chilly, but fleece lining sounds like it might do the trick!
KPB said…
is it bad I thought you had made your own pasta and had it hanging to dry?
Poppy B. said…
I had a pair of those boots and the seam where the leather intersects with the rubber cut cruelly into the back of my leg, right above the ankle. I only wore them once and had to give them away.

I didn't mind. In fact, I felt a little smug, as this proved I was not a total New England WASP cliché.

I have a recipe from one of Marcella Hazan's cookbooks for pork chops braised in a tomato sauce with sage. It's easy (especially if you ignore some of Marcella's needlessly fussy intructions) and it's the bomb diggity. I'll email it to you.