in front of me and behind me

The cold has settled in. I don't think it will be warm again this year and I'm glad for it.
We have made our Thanksgiving plan.
K will cook (and I may help) a Thanksgiving dinner the day before, I will spend the night in the city, I will march in the parade, the boys will go into town to see me, we will take the train home and have Thanksgiving On A Roll or Turkey Warm-Ups or some-such.
We have invited family members to join us for any or all of it so, we'll see.
A co-worker pointed out to me that we were very lucky last year weather-wise. It was about 40 degrees when we arrived at our post and about 55 by the time we marched. It wasn't especially sunny or windy or cold or wet. I can only hope this year goes as well as wet and cold would likely be miserable.
I'm post paralyzed. I've started and stopped posts half a dozen times.
I could tell you about the contest at Middle's office.
I could write about the tiles in our bathroom (leaking again!).
I could talk about the auction (a success I think).
But the stories aren't coming easily.

Somehow, whilst removing my coat and bag on Friday, I dislodged the foam piece on my beloved headphones and now I am musically crippled waiting for a replacement. It disappeared into another galaxy, though I'm certain the moment the replacement arrives I'll find it.

We are invited to a brunch in town to celebrate MFAOA's milestone birthday.
I am in the midst of arranging the annual holiday party.

You see? This is a lot of information and yet none of it adds up to anything interesting.

Well, there's this: in one of the dozens of emails I receive daily, I noted that someone was offering laundry products. I was intrigued. I corresponded. Products were sent!
I'll fill you in as soon as I try them, but I'll tell you right now, the scents intrigue me!


KPB said…
I literally just came in from hanging out washing, during which time I was thinking, I don't care anymore about the environment, I want a washing powder that will make my clothes smell NICE!
kmkat said…
The little flexible rubber caps on my iPod earbuds -- of which I used to have many, many -- have disappeared into that alternate universe with your foam piece. First World problems, but annoying nevertheless...
Ginnie said…
Even when you talk about laundry products, it's fun to listen.
Anonymous said…
if the stories aren't coming may i be so bold as to ask a question?

what is this thing you Americans call a smore?

am i missing out on something grand?

Please explain s'mores to Linda...maybe a tutorial with photos?
Anonymous said…
You'll be in the parade again! How thrilling!
Anonymous said…
See, even when you don't know what to write about, you write something interesting. I love reading your stuff.