I do love Anthroparodie...honest.
But, let's face it.
I've been parody-ing Anthro and Toast for a long, long time.
They can hire me if they want to.

Emily and Amelia were the last two on line at the Catherine Zeta-Jones bio-pic auditions.

Photo taken seconds before the breeze caught the open window frame, rendering Amelia unconscious.

Of course getting the soap bubbles properly aligned with the rods each day is a daunting task - hence, the $700 price tag.

Amelia proved them wrong. One could source a live Christmas tree ANYWHERE. 
Now to collect her winnings.



Anthroparodie needs to hire you. You could work from home one day a week.
robiewankenobie said…
you ought to parody j.peterman. i have a friend who used to write snarky product descriptions down in the mail room. they hired him for the catalog.
kmkat said…
Sadly, the hidden Luddite in my is intrigued by the iPod amplifier.
Anonymous said…
I'm stunned that they HAVEN'T hired you. I kind of thought you WERE the brains behind anthroparodie.
Paola said…
They SO should.
KPB said…
j.peterman exists? I thought that was a fictional company where Elaine Benice worked. Like Vandalay Industries. Wow.
Anonymous said…
I like the one where the girl is going to get gobsmacked by the window frame. Funny.

Ginnie said…
And Unhappy Hipsters. You should be writing for them, too.
The Coffee Lady said…
Is Amelia wearing the Christmas decorations around her neck?
I just got that catalog. Hilarious!