hither and yon

I'm off work today (actually we are closed). Without being too specific, though I'm certain by now you could track me down, I'll simply say we are celebrating our most successful project. The most successful project of its kind, quite possibly the most successful project in the history of the industry. And, as we've all - each one of us in varied positions in the company - had a hand in this success, my boss has closed the office for the day and sent us home to contemplate and celebrate it.
There is much to contemplate.

In the meantime, my co-workers KT and CR and I have found a spot for the holiday party with an owner so adorable and fascinating and food so delectable and interesting that we could barely tear ourselves away. It's going to be a wonderful party.

I've nothing to tell you about my commute. Oh, wait. Last night I was sitting between a hair twirler and a nose picker and my headphones have broken (though K has loaned me a pair) and I nearly went mad.

Some things from the internet perhaps?

This has been around for a long time but I still like it.

Feast your eyes on this beauty.

Learn about it here:

Beautiful garments and a beautiful thought. Imagine giving one to each person you buy a gift for?
I contemplate what that success would mean to this small company.

Lest you think I've gotten too serious this morning, I offer some bargains bargains

 and this

  with a chicken, smoking

 about which I have nothing to say.

It's a child. Smoking. With a chicken.


Child smokes a photoshopped ciggie. Definitely. But even without the cancer stick that photo is pure awesome. What is the photo ABOUT?

I still haven't been able to track you down, though the thought crosses my mind to watch the Parade just to see if I can spot you. I wish I worked where ever it is that you work!

(note: my word verification really IS "flabi". What are they trying to tell me!)
Anonymous said…
A child smoking with a chicken. Now I've seen it all.
Congrats on your success at work!
Paola said…
Poppy, that happened to me too here.
It's dark and I jumped off my seat as I didn't know what it was (I was reading the upper part!)
funny indeed

I luff (as you say) your work place/coworkers/environment/boss
Scot said…
That poem by Taylor Mali is fantastic. I love kinetic typography and because my work involves setting other people's words in stone (sometimes literally!)I frequently question the "fancy-fication" of sentiment.
Back at ya, with the help Stephen Fry, one of my heros.
(I listen to this more than I'd like to admit!)

To Evolutionary Revolutionary, I usually hit refresh until I get a verification word I like!
KPB said…
I will come back to comment (if I feel so inclined) on the videos as I can't watch them now without all my offspring coming to watch too (so annoying). But I will say when i first saw the title I thought it said "Hitler and Von" and I was all, I thought his girlfriend was called Eva. So there you go. A true insight into how my brain works. Or doesn't. As the case may be. As you were.
KPB said…
Oh and that child with the chicken? Clearly his first time entering a chicken at some local fair and this photo marking either just the occasion or the chicken winning. Natch.
Ginnie said…
I still have no idea what your company does or even what your industry is, but good for you all!