before I go a-marching

Oooh, Betty, it's a little cold here. It rained a lot too. I'm hoping it dries out/warms up before tomorrow morning (and it's supposed to).
I'm packing my little bag (I'm staying in town so I can get to the parade start at 5am) and going off to my pal J's house - she's my partner for this year.

Meanwhile, look at this:

Youngest is on the landing page for his school's website. Best costume ever.

The girls of the junior class were 101 Dalmatians. Isn't that cute? Apparently one doesn't have short hair in high school.

Inspiration for my holiday decorating. I'll grab a photo of the dining room and its icicles for you later.

Do you know this store?


I may have to check it out.

Filed under best pitch of the week:

covers it ALL, doesn't it?

How wonderful does she look?
Moments later, in the station, I was able to, very quietly, suggest a young woman check the back of her skirt which had accidentally been tucked up under her short jacket. She was shy about it but I felt like a minor hero.

Did you know I love maps?
I do.

I leave you with these fabulous bags


I am the shit.

Eat well my friends.


kmkat said…
JOE Fresh has [re]freshing[ly] affordable prices! Eat well yourself, and don't get floated away.
Keep warm during the parade. I'm sure you remember the part about not too much coffee or water in the morning!
Anonymous said…
I want those shoes!
Susie Sunshine said…
I think we all need I am the shit bags for girlie weekends!

Have fun with your balloonery! I will be watching for you!!!
Scot said…
Most excellent mouse!
When I was a freshman in high school I kinda thought all the girls in the junior class were bitches too.
Is that woman crossing against the light or is the cab running a red?
I think I like the crap bag more than the shit bag.
Have a great holiday, hope we all give a good thanks!
Ginnie said…
I like Scot's comments!
Paola said…
Exactly my point wiht those girls.
I thought they were wearing wigs but apparently not. THey just are ALL THE SAME.


Youngest rules.

I'll be in for tests n such while you parade and I find this so funny ... no turkey or holiday for me.

And today's also Fabio's birthday which will pass undercover.

2011: GO AWAY!!!
RW said…
I have that jumper in black and I have been eyeing another one. I love it. I wear it almost every week.

It is a solid garment. Some of the other stuff not so solid.

I am happy to report that my daughter is bucking the trend and has chin length hair. All of her friends have long hair.
zephyr said…
Thought of you when the day dawned windless...if brisk.
i watched parade...i can't not...and wondered which was your balloon. (If you left enough clues in the past, well...i'm clueless).
alice c said…
Loving that map! Currently on the road back from Crippling Insecurity Ville to I-Spend-Too-Much-Time-Online Falls and hoping to avoid Canyon of Narcissism.

Happy Thanksgiving to my favourite bird - looking forward to seeing pics of the parade.
Unknown said…
Oh, that map covers well-traveled, very familiar terrain for me! I must re-post it...

Hope your parading and ballooning went well! Happy Thanksgiving!
Anonymous said…
Maps and globes--I never can get enough of them either.
I want a bag that says "I'm kind of a big deal." Though "I am the shit" would do in a pinch.
All those dalmatians!
Your son!