the week that was

Farewell, old clock.


Pose with it, I said to K, because I'm silly like that.

Last weekend's paper had me hankering for :

 cozy sweaters and


 complicated skirts. (Not as impressive in other shots.)

I'm working in the new Blogger interface, are you? It requires much repositioning of photos and is annoying me but I will not switch back. One must embrace change.


 I beat the best player in the office! He came to me, after and hugged me.

  bubble shirt

 I do not know why M was wearing a bubble wrap shirt, but he was.

Wednesday was the day they took the senior class (hundreds and hundreds) outside to be photographed en masse for the yearbook.
Guess what Youngest did.



 Look! I was on the train with either: A. Rasputin or 2. one of the Flying Karamazov Brothers!


Each day is special.


Duyvken said…
You are a delight, and youngest is a champion! What a special day for him. You must save that screenshot, he'll be able to treasure that moment for a long time.
Paola said…
Strike a pose!
And that goes both for K and Youngest.
Sweet, cool, amazing Youngest.
Anonymous said…
MY kiddo is dressing as Where's Waldo this Halloween! Great minds...

Anonymous said…
Yay for Youngest -- I love it! And I think the fella on the train may have been Jesus Christ Himself -- he was Jewish, you know...
Crazy Mom! said…
I LOVE that youngest was Waldo!

i need to figure out how to play the scrabble game - looks fun!

Which clock did you chose?
blackdogramona said…
The train guy may be a future "Man of Toast"
Anonymous said…
Waldo and Rasputin in one day! Good golly!
Love your boy's sense of humor.
And sweaters.
Magpie said…
I love that you work in a place where people wear bubble wrap shirts.